Saturday, December 22, 2007


I am a happy but exhausted turtle who needs some rest.

The past week has been nonstop. I hosted a Christmas Party, was over at Nad's house a LOT to work on the photobook -- it looks so great!! Totally worth the 12+ hours we spent on it. Nad practically made it w/ her expertise -- can't thank her enough so here's a measly hippopotamus-sized THANK YOU!!!! =D for now.
I also had family dinners, worked for my dad, worked @ UBC bookstore, went out for a K-night, and shopped for my loved ones. Now I just want to browse around.

Pier 1 Imports Vanity - Hayworth Collection [~$400?]
I don't like the mirror though.

The Hayden (Red Patent Bag) [$500]
Dooney & Bourke's signature pattern is one of my least favourite types of bags.. but for this one, you can't even tell it's from them... and yea - this one is named after Hayden Patteniere or however you spell her last name. I like her even though I haven't seen her in action. She has some meat on her bones like Hilary Duff circa Lizzy McGuire and has a pretty face (and good style). Red bags are nice. They really make outfits like this:
Apparently red bags are next year's trend.

Burberry Poplin Trenchcoat [$995] @ Saks
Trenches are THE coat of spring. I got mine already but mine is like a dark grayblue... a little too dark for spring? Maybe. That's why I need a classic beige one heee
Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion by Rizzoli [$75]
Perfect book for my non-existent coffee table.
Ultra boring post. I need to catch up on my Gossip Girl... after Christmas.

Oh here are a couple pictures Nad took with her lovely Nikon D40X @ my party on Dec 18th:
We had a TON of food -- it was a potluck
Dessert! Homemade by Cass and Jason!
Gingerbread train made by B and D
Group shot

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Nat said...

finallY! i have time to comment on your blog again :P oh nat, you do not need another colour of a similar coat just for spring :P i tried on the jacket at buffalo today with dims, he said it was okay, i wanted to get it..buuuuuuuuuut sigh. i spent so much $$$$$$$ T_T.. the small fit well, but that's coz i was wearing only 1 layer underneath, and then the M was too big :( soooooooo i guess not. dims got some jeans from there, only 69.99 or sthg. i like their jeans too i tried on a pair of straight jeans that are fitted but not skinny-jean tight! i reallyl want them..but.. 100$.. i dont kno wat's wrong with me, i'm like..jus spending money like it's nothing T_T so bad. anyway i shall go wrap a couple more gifts and relaaaaaax :D