Thursday, April 24, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 3


Serious buyers only.

TICKETS: Garden Box
SECTION: Row 926
PRICE: $250
PAYMENT PREFERRED: Paypal (Cash when we meet up is another option but we do much prefer paypal)

Basically one person from our box couldn't make it anymore so we're selling her ticket. We're from Canada and Texas and we'll be in LA on May 13th and will pick up our tickets before the 16th. You can choose to pick up your ticket from us (we'll be partying in the same box! biggrin.gif) beforehand or on the day of! I definitely have the order confirmation sheet if you would like evidence.

Please e-mail me at for more details if you're interested or if you should have any questions. cool.gif
When you do contact me, please tell me your name, age, where you live, and whether or not you can pay using Paypal.
Please respond within 12 hours of my reply.


UGGGHHHH I tried a "tip" from the Soompi Master Cleanse forum that suggested drinking to drink all the salt at once to get it over with and then drink the rest w/ just plain water. NEVER AGAIN. I mixed 2 tsp salt with 1/3 cup water and took a sip w/ the straw and GAH it was HORRIBLE. Then for the next hour and a half, I felt sickish and jittery. I'm drinking my lemonade now. I gotta take a shower soon and then head down for my eye appointment. I know my eyes have gotten a lot worse the past couple years. My glasses are definitely not strong enough 'cause I have to squint if I'm looking at the projector sometimes.

Before I drank my lemonade, I felt a craving to just chew on something that has flavour. I'm a bit tired of just drinking things. I'm not allowed gum.

This is pretty amazing though. I didn't think I'd die without food, but it's so surprising how well I'm lasting with no solids (ok.. I'll admit I sometimes leave the pulp of the lemon in the drink too)... but other than that...
And yea - I totally agree w/ M. We both (and many others out there) just live to eat and not eat to live. We've all been brainwashed to believe that we need food in order to survive happily but really, it's what we've been eating and our lack of fasting and 'abstaining from food' that's causing illness like cancer, heart problems, cholesterol... etc. So yea - from this detox we both realize we really don't need food at all and definitely did not need to be eating as much as we have been to have the same energy. We were both thinking the next time we go for Pho, to make sure we went with someone who would be content just eating half a bowl while M and I would split the other half lol I'm sure we'd be full too.

M was just telling me how, even though she's on her first day of the cleanse, that her sense of smell has heightened to the point she can smell the candle in the washroom that wasn't even lit. I find that I can think a lot better and quicker and I'm more clear in how I come across when I'm speaking.

I'm so glad I feel so normal so far in this cleanse. Those w/ a lot of toxins in their body will feel super crappy throughout. Good sign.

Oh and a good thing about this is that you can "eat" any time you want! lol

SSW: I don't know... I drank 1/3 of saltiness and then filled the rest of my measuring bowl w/ water but only drank about 1.5 cups I think and poured the rest out.
Lemonade: 6
Water: 2
LT: 1
Apparently a few days ago, Tyra did a show on beauty secrets from around the world. One girlwrote a recap:

I saw the whole thing yesterday. OMG they showed every secret EXCEPT KOREA!!!!! omg i was so angry... but yeah the stuff i remember is like for your complexion and getting your facial skin better they use 24 kt gold "foil" strips?? on your face (Egypt). For saggy butts you have to go to a salon to get some kind of treatment that lasts like 2-3 days or something (Brazil). Snake body massages where they put harmless snakes all over your body to deal with stress and aches and it also gives you like skin "glow??" (Israel). I THINK THIS IS THE COOLEST AND MOST USEFUL FOR ASIAN GIRLS TO GET REALLY PRETTY EYES EVEN WITHOUT MAKEUP To get curly eyelashes that stay you have to go to a salon that does this kind of treatment. They kind of mold your eyelashes with different kinds of solutions and serums (Japan). For dry and yucky feet, they have a fish pedicure. This must also be done in a salon and they dunk your feet into a small tank full of these fish that like eat away at your dead skin (Turkey). There's a SEMI-permanent makeup that uses coal and a needle for your makeup and it lasts around 1 to 2 years. The woman that was performing the work also had on ALL semi permanent makeup and it looked 100% natural and so pretty. It's NOT like tattoo makeup it's SEMI permanent and doesn't come out ugly like some tattoo makeup. It's used for your eyebrows and lip liner and eye liner. yeah so hope that helped and i dont know if i remembered everything. OHHH!!! one other thing. MORE interesting facts. This professional makeup artist woman came on to share more beauty tricks from around the world. one of them was like Bull semen for your hair...another one was like nightengale bird crap i forgot what for, and all this other stuff....SO GROSS! but hey whatever floats your boat right? ^^*

I'd try a fish pedicure!! And the semi-permanent un-tattoo-like eyeliner also sounds like a good idea.

Yay Amazon received my cracked Leona Lewis CD for return and is giving me $15.15 back (even though I only paid $11.99) 'cause the price dropped after I bought it but they didn't make the connection.

Went for my eye checkup today. EEK eyes went up by so much! I think before I was 175 and 200.. now i'm 275/375! Blind bat. I'll eventually get Lasik though once my eyes stop fluctuating... before I'm 25 hopefully.

Fun things to look forward to next week!
28th: Going to academic advisor for sure... ok not so fun... but I gotta.
29th: B, M, and I are going to Holt Renfrew's Beauty Event and hopefully will be the first 50 in line who RSVPed to receive a free compact Pro-Linea straightener. yay!
Dye hair + Jason's going-away (he's going to Germany for the whole summer!!) get-together.
1st: Last day of Master Cleanse! Eye appointment @ 3. Mavi grand opening in Gastown w/ Nad (goodies!)
2nd: Ktown + washing car w/ M and then A's Bday @ club
3rd: Korean class, Shopping, R's Bday party
4th: Volunteering @ Vancouver Marathon in the morning and write up essay for Student Exchange
Back to Student Advisor.. Mother's Day present.
7th: Extensions if hair dye works out? M's dinner (Greek food!!) + games
9th: Hand in Student Exchange + manicure + pack
10th: Korean Class, Pedicure, S's Bday party
11th: Mother's Day - lunch and dinner w/ relatives.
13th: Gone to LA until the 20th
So yea, I have a few gaps which are wonderful for me to spend at home con mi familia.

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