Friday, April 25, 2008

Master Cleanse Day 4

Bad news Richmond Night Market lovers -- (I'm probably late on this news aren't I... oh well)

[April 7, 2008] The Richmond Night Market has been cancelled for 2008, according to a Target Events Production Ltd. media release.

Target Events has hosted the night market every year since 2000, with nightly attendance as high as 30,000 people, according to the release.

Night Market founder Raymond Cheung was quoted in the release, claiming that the landlord for 12631 Vulcan Way–where the event has been held–had decided not to renew the lease.

“The landlord wanted to significantly increase the rent and we do not believe that we could continue to provide a safe, high quality event for the public to enjoy at the rate demanded,” Cheung is quoted as saying.

Though a prized community tradition, the Richmond Night Market has not been without controversy.

A September 2004 Asia Pacific Post report claimed that the event had become a “involved in the manufacture and sale of fake goods”. That story included an account of a police raid on the market, in which a “whole array of fake goods” was discovered.

Target’s release stated that another group, Lions Communications, is attempting to secure the necessary permits from the City of Richmond to hold a similar event in the same location.

Cheung was also quoted as saying that the Richmond Night Market hopes to find an alternative location for 2009.

To be honest, I'm not that sad. It is a nice place to just walk around late on my Fri/Sat/Sun, but they sell a lot of junk. Their food is pretty alright but nothing you can't get anywhere else - I will miss the shaved ice this year though... where else can you get that? Other places in Richmond most probably. I guess it's the novelty of having everything at one place and the whole market style. Chinatown's night market starts on May 7th though! haha... not half as good but it's something. Maybe they've changed a lot - I haven't been to the Chinatown one in years! Hopefully they'll have my $15 stack of 100 CD-rs.

In other news, Miss Korea Contestant Kim Ju Yeon (24) broke down in front of reporters on the 25th and finally revealed her pregnancy with soccer player Hwang Jae Won (27).
Kim Ju Yeon who is pregnant with Hwang Jae Won's baby is going through a very difficult time, as the soccer player wants nothing to do with her or their child.
Kim Ju Yeon who only requested, "If you can't be a good husband, please at least be a good father," received extremely harsh words from Hwang Jae Won, along with the evidential text message to prove it.
The soccer player said, "I told you we should've aborted the kid from the very beginning," "If you die, the child will die too, so why don't you just go and die."


Finished Ugly Betty Season 2!! All this talk about Gio's Sandwiches makes me want one... and I don't even like sandwiches... well, most. Actually my mom bought me turkey meat that's not in ham slice form and I promised to finish it this time.. but I think it expires soon and I still have exactly 1 week to go so noooo!! I'll freeze it.

I was lethargic this morning. I didn't want to do anything and it took me 2.5 hours to get up from my chair. I was just watching the Food Network the whole time. And then I was fine for a while so I sped walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes (I watched Chef at Home). And now I'm waiting for my brother to get out of the shower. Feeling a bit ih again. I contemplated 4 or 5 times about just quitting this detox -- I want to chew something so badly!! I promised myself to eat healthy and to really portion myself... I want fruit and veggies!! Plain yogurt! Anything! I'll even eat asparagus. Tired of drinking my lemonade...
Today tested my will power...

Apparently there are secrets to this cleanse. There are certain foods you can actually ingest that won't interfere with digestion. I'm curious!!! I have to buy this book to find out.. and that book is $37 so booo.

I wish all my friends did this cleanse w/ me 'cause so much of our outings are centred around food! We always go out to eat or we go chat over bubble tea or something like that... consuming something haha It's just not as fun when I'm restricted like this. I am soaking up all the hermit-ness I can 'cause I know the next few weeks are going to be so busy.

SSW: 0
Lemonade: 6 cups
Water: 3
Tea: 1
Lax: 1

I need more lemons...

Woohoo seems like we found someone to sell our HB ticket to!

Oooo I like the shape and the gold sides! I wonder if they're cut out.
Forever 21
F4207 Sunglasses [$5.80]

Uptown Bracelet [$4.80]Lust priority list:
Jean shorts (A&F Nicholette Super light destroyed)
Bathing Suit (saw a cute Guess one)
2 Inch Barrel Curling Iron

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