Saturday, April 12, 2008

Final List for HB




Many of you have already noticed, but it is regretful to inform you that we have lost two more artists, Eru and Tae Jin Ah. Eru decided to go to the military giving up his US citizenship and notified us that both he and his father would not be able to make it due to that reason. Even if we lost two popular singers(Lee Hyo Ri and Wonder Girls) by that time, we had no choice but releasing him with respect and honoring his voluntary and courageous decision. Regardless of the reason, please generously accept our apology for giving you a confusion and keeping you wait for long.

I am aware that many of you have expected to see your favorite singers in the final list, but I hope you understand that the names in our list are also great artists who can provide as much excitement and pleasure as the previous year's. Also we have slightly reduced the number of artists this year in order to give each of them more time to perform. Please come and enjoy the show.

AH I'm so disappointed Eru can't come anymore!! Darnnnnn oh well - the only one I really care about is DBSK so as long as they're on the list, I'm good.
I'm pretty pleased with Minwoo - I hope he sings his song "Girlfriend" -- I've had that song on repeat a few months ago.
Chae Yeon - I think she's similar to Hyori so I'm pretty OK with her too -- haha it'd be funny if she sang her song "My Love" so I can singggg "arikikiki!! arikikiki!" LOL
Butchea - she's more of a performer... can't really sing.
As for the H.O.T. member, I can't say I know who he is.... [wiki-ing] ah. I recognize him.

I'm pretty ecstatic that the artists can sing more songs! 2 songs just ain't enough.

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