Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm back from Calgary! Here's my general laydown.
Nad and I got to Calgary around... 12:30ish PM on Sat - took a taxi to the Hotel Arts, settled down a bit in the room (Nad has the pics), then took the train to Chinook Centre (the largest mall and apparently the best in Calgary -- it's like Metrotown... xept not as good). After 2 food court meals and, of course, shopping, we headed back to the hotel, got ready, and went to the party (as VVIPs!! and that's not a typo).
Here's a few pics from my camera - I hardly took very many pictures compared to usual.
At the party (which was in the lobby and 2nd floor of the hotel) --
Those w/ pink wrist bands were allowed on the 2nd floor where we could get swag... like a manicure!
Wow.. don't mind my paleness... I think that's what happens after a couple drinks... or just more so than usual.
Can you tell who's behind Nad?You guessed right! Jacob Hoggard from Hedley.

I got a couple pics w/ him too. Cool guy.
In front of that thing the stars stand in front of to have their pic taken.
Can't say I know who they are, but they were dressed quite funkily and were very energetic!
Thanks, (Juno nominee) Belly, for posing for me instead of the camera woman.
You can also go outside and swim in the heated pool.
I also got pics w/ Rick Campanelli (remember him?!) and Chad Kroeger lol...In the lobby in front of the big E where they conducted interviews.Nad and I made a short video after the party. I'll post it sometime soon once I learn how to edit it!

The next day, we had lunch @ the hotel's Raw Bar and then walked around downtown which was around a 5-10 min walk from the hotel... oh pitiful downtown lol. Then we went back, got dressed up, and took the taxi to the Saddledome - pretty much RIGHT on time! We missed the red carpet, but that's ok. The performances were great but our seats weren't really haha -- farrrrrrr.
After the awards --
View of Calgary downtown from the Saddledome. The space-needle type building is the Calgary Tower.
I wanted to eat at the revolving restaurant, but it was closed due to renovations until the summer.
We walked back afterwards - it was about a 15 min walk.
Lobby pic!
It was fun! A great break before finals. More pics to come in the next couple of days, but now I have to do my essay that's due tomorrow...


Nat said...

i cant believe u blogged before your essay = =''

i do like that last pic! too bad that thingy is in the way. yes yes i would love to have all your pics..and i will send u mine la la. maybe i'll burn em and give em to ur mom this wed? perhaps. i can imagine the nikon ones will be rather large.

N said...

I blog really quickly! This one took me less than 15 minutes!

Sounds good! Mine aren't very large and I don't have that many so is Sendspace still ok?