Friday, April 4, 2008

The Shortest Flight Ever

DONE the oral!!!! WHEW. It went alright. Definitely did much better than my first oral.

I can't believe tomorrow is almost here. I actually don't feel like this is anything special at all right now...

Currently packing. J'aime packing beaucoup! Xept.. this time it's reminding me of how my wardrobe is lacking in so many ways. I have a lot of summer casual clothes. That's basically it. How sad... You'd think that me, a person who constantly blogs about clothes/fashion, would have tons of things in her closet for every occasion... but nope. Maybe I'm too picky on what to wear or I don't feel comfortable wearing a couple pieces.. or I've worn them too often... but I feel a bit panicked that I have nothing to wear to the Junos. I'm looking forward to adding a couple pieces to my closet this weekend... and maybe extending my (and creating Nad's) makeup collection! I have an eye on a Clinique Mascara Primer and Shu Uemura blush.

I'm thinking of bringing my laptop to work on my English essay. I will probably bring it... let's hope there's internet @ the hotel. If not, I'll post my experience Monday afternoon if I have time ('cause my essay is due the next day!).

OMG I just found out that my friends in Japn went to sing karaoke with sensei after they came back to check their oral marks... and he's apparently really good!! Wow.. that'd be such a highlight to see. Too bad I had to go home to get ready for my trip.

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