Thursday, April 3, 2008

Almost Free


I'm a bit disappointed -- my hair doesn't seem to like dye.. it's still black but now it has a tinge of brown/red. Otoke?? How sad.. now I can't do those extensions. Poor hair. It's been under so much stress. Anyway - nothing creepy really happened TG. M came with me and the salon was busy. I had to pay $18 for the hair dye.. but didn't have to pay for the service... but when I paid, we rushed out there so quickly (even though both M and I looked back to check if we forgot anything) and then when we reached Vancouver, I realized he didn't give me back my Visa! M thinks it's another tactic but I highly doubt the 1st one (where the dye didn't show up on my hair) was anyway. Luckily, I'm getting my friend (who lives in Richmond and also goes there to get his hair done coincidentally) to pick it up tomorrow on the way to class.

YAY today was the last day of lectureeeeeee for this term!! I'm free until the Fall!

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