Thursday, April 3, 2008

Alex Sarang

I'm definitely the type to develop crushes on decent-looking guys that can SING.
Ahhh Alex! (Nooo this section deleted!!) He's a Canadian (he 's fluent in English!) (1979) from Clazziquai. If he were a little younger, he'd be right up there with TIM! (Tim Sarang!) but love has no age, no limit, and no death, right? I just saw the new clip of him and Shin Ae in this Korean show, We Got Married where they act as a newly married couple in a new house. There's this scene where Shin Ae locks Alex out of the house while he was getting a table for them to eat dinner on... and then he fogs up the sliding door with his breath and writes messages to her in it. So cute. He seems to have a great personality and temperament... and his voice!

Alex's rendition of Kim Dong Ryul - Like A Child

I'm maeowting lol - I've listened to this almost 15 times in the past hour...
I love how he connects the notes.

I realized I want to go to a Clazziquai concert! Do they even have them? They should! It'd be a nice 'n mellow one... hopefully no crazy fangirls.

You know what's weird? I think probably the only habit I've picked up from this Korean fascination (since 2006) must be covering my mouth when I laugh! It's so weird... I don't think I've ever done that before I noticed Jaejoong cover his mouth all the time... don't know why I do it. I've caught myself a few times within the last week.

To do list for Thursday: wake up at 9:30.. shower, get big envelope, 3Q for English, oral practice 1 hr, bring extensions, hair dye again... EEK pack...
Weekend: trip, ENGLISH essay due Tues! Pick up exam Q Tues, Sun Run pickup, bring that + do Take-home exam due Thursday (11 pages!).. eeeeek. I guess I'll be bringing some work to do this weekend...


Nat said...

i'll admit, good singing :D:D
lol that's why i like celtic thunder :D:D:D

yeah la source has it's own hand recovery, i was looking for some cream my hands were dry, so i went to sample the la source cream at C&E, and accidentally put on the hand recovery w/ all the granules. it was interesting.

i returned the cg powder for a differnt colour. i tried to put it on today but .. i duno, duno how to really do it. meh.. no time to pracitce that now!

Nat said...

did u know h&M is opening a store in lougheed mall?? i didnt kno until i saw the signs in the mall.. zowie. i wonder if they're still opening one in pc? hmm