Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 More

I FINISHED my English Essay!! All handed in now wooooot. Now time for the Geog 11 page take-home exam due this Thursday... then I think I can take the next week less stressfully.

I forgot to mention how entertaining Russell Peters was - great host.
Some memorable quotes from Juno night:
Russell Peters
"The Junos have treated me really well. They've actually given me my own driver - Chad Kroeger," Peters said, referring to the Nickelback frontman's recent drunk driving conviction. "They're gonna have to change the name from Nickelback to get-your-license-back."
"I never actually have seen the Junos before -- which makes me Canadian." haha so true.
"We've had so many successful Canadian acts, and you know they're successful because they don't live here any more. Do you think if I still lived here I'd be hosting these awards? Hell, no. 'Russell, stay in Brampton, it's okay.' "
How he made fun of the 11 year old boy ahhaha

The oh-so-charming Buble when accepting his award, which was presented by Doritos.

"I'd like to thank Doritos for making such tasty treats," Buble clowned. "Sometimes when I eat them it makes my fingers go orange but it's worth it... and before they kick me off I just wanna say, this is for all those people that said I couldn't vote for myself enough times to win " (LOL so cute!)

Later, backstage, Buble nicely summed up the night, dominated as it was by Feist. "I just keep kicking the crap out of myself for not writing 1234," he joked.

I quite liked all the performances too and was pleasantly surprised at Feist's - Sea Lion! It's a great song to sing live -- loved her unique voice. From that performance, I was going to buy her CD @ the airport... but I'm glad Nad stopped me 'cause I YouTubed her later and didn't really like many of her songs.

All in all, I think I'm even more proud to be Canadian =)

2 more summer lusts!
Cute suspender shorts like the Alexander McQueen one I posted up a few days ago with either a crossed back or a Y-shaped back.
So easy breezy!
I'm not talking about the ones that are higher than your belly button.
Lilo's + Fergie's are niiice.
ANNDDDDD super light destroyed jean shorts w/ them frayed ends and all! Gosh I'm so into the casual look these days...

Oh yea I just remembered - I discovered the Jonas Brothers a while ago. They have nice voices and a pretty decent look... but most of their songs are a bit too poppish. Maybe it's 'cause they sing for Disney haha butchea... not bad!


Nat said...

weird. i thought i replied this morning in bio to ur comment.. but it didnt post. i am so sleepy right now.. zzzz even though i had a 1hr nap.

yeah so watever is easier for you to send pics to me.. it's easy for me to burn pics so.. i'll do that. is your mom going to badminton tm?i have some really old notes for you too.. = =''

N said...

Burn the pics please! I'll send you the sendspace thingy right now.