Thursday, August 28, 2008

Colour Me Wonderful

I have this huge urge to go into a fabric store! I found this great idea on something to make and I just want to hole myself in my mom's closet room for 2 days and sew like a mad woman until it's complete. And yes, this is partly an action to go through with my recent echoed phrase, "I can make that!"
One of the projects is to include an exposed zipper on a pair of ankle leggings like these on Zipia for $24.

I'm so excited I ordered my BCBG 'famous' shoes!!!!!! They're 40% off at Nordstrom right now.... All summer shoes are -- check it out. I'm a bit disappointed I didn't get my exact size -- had to go a half size up (which is the size I tried on in store - not bad, a bit loose but still comfy) 'cause my size sold out... if only I bought it yesterday! I had it waiting in my shopping cart.

I have a fascination with arms... I think. It's pretty much the 3rd place I look when I observe someone -- their arms - especially their upper arm if they're wearing sleeveless. I admire and am awed by long, slender arms that don't look like hams or bulge when they're pressed against their side. Of course, too skinny isn't nice to look at either. I admit I do get self-conscious about my upper arm sometimes, which is why I don't wear sleeveless often. The way I think is that if your arm looks thin, ppl assume the rest of you is that way too even if it's not... it's just easier to disguise! Plus there's so many more options in outfit and dress when you wear sleeveless... there seems to be so many different cuts to flatter/hide your unsightly midsection or your torso in general these days!

I always go on such an inspirational run (not literally) whenever I browse Chictopia. That site is so wonderful... thx Lulu, Rumi, and the other 2 Uglies!
Why is it important to have a personal style? Because we can’t duck tape our college degrees, resumes, and iTunes playlists onto our face. A more face-friendly option would be to adopt a distinct point of view when dressing.
They're so creative! Like look how Lulu made this chain accessory?
More on them and that site another day...

FashionSquad: featured on Chictopia. She's amazingly gorgeous and has such a great sense of style too. She's a 21 year old freelance fashion stylist and part-time model from Sweden. She has also been featured in a few magazines across the world such as VogueKorea!
Love both of these outfitss and sigh, her quilted bag is vintage. Drnnn
Love this dress -- she buys/finds such great items.
This is part of her shoe collection -- I am in LOVE and insanely jalouse of those boots and I can't believe she bought them from Zara! Her thick strappy shoes are nice too.
Instead I think I'll have to settle for:
BCBGirls 'Moca' Boot [$197] @ Nordstrom... wow.. I just realized that they look pretty much identical...??
Not a Steve Madden fan, but these boots look versatile [$348]
The only boots I want are knee-highs... or over-the-knee... but boots are just so hard to find for me 'cause of my calf-to-ankle proportions! Plus, there just aren't very many nice ones out there under $300...

Here's some other boot styles I've noticed and like but they're not for sale... from Zipia.
Other shoes on my lust list.... after I get my BCBG sandals, I'd like:
- some sort of water-resistant boot be it a black Hunter Original rainboot
- a cold-weather boot to keep my toesies warm when I just wanna wear casual stuff (why do they all look like Uggs?)
- some black dressier flats that are comfortable...
Shoes that cover 75% of my foot. I like some booties but I can't pull them off so scratch that.

You know why ppl pay so much for shoes? It's 'cause you can't simply make them with a sewing machine.

And I'm lusting for solid black stockings and a purple bag.

I can't remember the last time I was so excited about finding the perfect _____. You know, that feeling of finally discovering/getting your hands on something you absolutely LOVE? How sad... I mean, I get that feeling lots online when I find something I loooove but it's usually not for sale or unattainable financially so it doesn't count.

Anyway, time to shower and head out. Later, I'm meeting my mom at her work + then we're going to Richmond to do a focus group!

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