Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Had A Dream Where Louboutins Were Only $189!!

Back from work. I'm so happy with work -- I look forward to it every time even if I'm just bussing. This is the customer interaction I love. Constant, super nice, and interesting -- people who leave with a good, hopefully-more-lasting-than-the-bakery impression. I was telling M how one of the most satisfying parts is when I go around the restaurant, asking how they're liking everything and just receiving the biggest smiles and "wonderful", "great!" or "fantastic". Making them laugh makes my day. Coworkers really make it too. Love. It's one of the main reasons why I left the bakery -- my favourite ppl left...

Speaking of leaving, 2 of our (only 2) Tims left! I'm so sad...

I bussed yesterday... it's good how bussers are appreciated here though. I ended up staying until 1AM at the restaurant so I couldn't make it to Ashlee + Tina's event @ Atlantis... but I did have some good talks so that made up for it.

Today I went to get my eyebrows threaded in the morning + then I was supposed to go indoor wall climbing with a friend from Japn101 in Surrey but our timing was off and we couldn't go 'cause I had to go home before work. Boo. Hung out together anyway which was nice! It's weird to know I'm going into my 4th year. I still feel as if I'm going into my 2nd... and I think my mentality is like that too which makes it easy to relate with the 2nd yr coworkers... though it really is only a 2 year difference.

I bought 2 CDs from Futureshop today w/ gc -- Yael Naim (who sings New Soul, which I love), and Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded". Rihanna's reloaded version has 2 or 3 new songs added to the original: Take A Bow and If I Never See Your Face Again. I'm actually listening to it now and it's a great great great CD! Recommended. I haven't opened Yael Naim yet. I was looking for Jason Mraz's new CD but they didn't have it unfortch.

Good news! Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together!!

Pics of Suri w/ a doll - she's wearing nail polish!
NO WAY! You want to play too?!
Teehee you're so funny. (She's a face-scruncher)
Who, me?! You talking to me?!
Want a hug?
haha so cute.

Remember how I said I wanted a tattoo a lonnnng time ago xept I didn't know what or where 'cause I can't commit to something so permanent? Well I narrowed the "where" down to foot (near ankle), inside finger, and shoulder... like right above the collar bone. There. Now it's time to think of the "what". I see ppl w/ tattoos and so many of them seem so insignificant like "I got this tat of a teddy bear because there was a booth at a fair that had a guy giving away free ones". No.
I don't know -- if it were me, I'd want something with meaning if it were so permanent! If not, it should be actual art... a masterpiece.

I wanna go hiking on the Baden Powell Trail before school starts .... anyone?

Yay I get to sleep in.

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