Saturday, August 23, 2008

Maral Love

I couple days ago, I discovered (on Soompi) this Gr. 6 girl (502455) named Maral who does YouTube make-up tutorials! Grade 6!! Can you believe it?! In Grade 6, I don't even think I looked into the mirror once before going out. Butchea -- at first, I had a picture in my mind of this little girl who looks MUCH older than she really was with TONS of makeup on her... like a bad child pageant queen. But instead, I found this cute, hyper (ADD) Mongolian girl with SO much personality (and such nice, healthy hair) who is such an appreciative, optimistic and down-to-earth individual! In her videos you find that yes, she loves make-up, but she's definitely NOT a makeup snob in any way... and that she loves her family too and I bet she's a really good daughter -- you can see it in the way she interacts. She get so excited over the littlest things... like once her dad told her he was gonna throw away an extremely ornate, cylindrical box with soap in it but she thought it was SO beautiful that she had to keep it so she goes on for over 3 minutes, showing us how beautiful it was and for what and when she'll use it. She does sound a bit ditzy once in a while with her "like" and "umm"s but her personality makes up for it haha And I love how she adds phrases of Mongolian here and there. She has really nice hair... and is probably a good multi-tasker too... one would think.
"Opthamahldawl... ofthamahlmologist"
I also notice that she likes to blow on her eyeshadows lol.... a LOT
And make faces.

Right now I'm watching a video of her dad giving her a makeover. Her dad is an artist and he did a great job.... she has 354 videos I believe.. not all about makeup -- some about when she's bored on the plane... under a table in her dad's market stand, showing us her Mary Kay haul... I think. "This one is sooooooooooooo pretty! I mean, look at it!"

So yea, if you have 8 minutes to spend here and there, check her out at 502455!!

OH and you know why her name is 502455? It's her school lunch ID number LOL so she wouldn't forget!

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