Thursday, August 21, 2008

5 Cents

On Tuesday I got a sweet surprise -- M presented me with such a lovely gourmet dinner on her back patio!! Yum!
There were cute scooped-out and re-filled tomatoes and potatoes, 4 different types of cheese, peppercorn pate, over 50 of the best shrimp I have ever had, 2 types of greek dip with toasted pita (a meal in its own), and a jug of my fav. -- homemade sangria.
Check out the presentation ooOooooo

AND she tricked me! Before I went to Harrison Hot Springs, I told her that I wanted one of those McDonald Beijing Olympic cups -- the Panda one... but it wasn't out yet when I left. I was afraid they sold out because so many of the other ones have... so M told me that she went to 5 or 6 different McDonalds during a drive and as I predicted, they were completely sold out.... but she actually got 2 glasses at the last McDonald location! LUCKY! I'm so happy =) It's my souvenir for this season's olympics.

Yea my friends spoil me. My dad pointed that out today and he's said "and it's my job to unspoil you". lol

Top 3 Zipia Picks
aidma - roll up mini pocket check [$36USD]
I wish this one came in a dark purple with green or navy lines! The red is too bright for me.
rush-jipper [$30USD]
AH I love this skirt! It has a zipper on the front - very Alexander Wang-esque. And it comes in my size too!
rush - shawl style gardigan [$31USD]
Cute but I don't know how I feel about the square polka dots if you look closely...
How trendy - our U-passes are purple... and my picture still looks like I've caught the Oompa Loompa disease...


Nat said...

funny - my friend noticed the same purple trend too =p

i like the last of the pics the best - shawl style cardigan (gardigan? =p) that's belted.

i cant beleive melanie made you that amazing meal! AND she made you a homemade ice cream cake too for your bday? (i think) ..WOW dims doesnt even do that for me poopy. the tomatoes and shrimp look fantastic!!!!!!!!

N said...

haha! That's funny -- purple is VERY VERY in for this Fall!!!

I know the meal was terrific! You should show Dims -- hint hint Dims...

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