Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miserable Outside

Schedule for next week:
Today: Work @ 5-11
Mon: Make hair appt, go up to SFU again, Work 7-11
Tues: Work @ 9:30-5, BBQ
Wed: Work @ 9:30-5
Thurs: Free-from-work-errand-day! Um.. Get L? Order AA shipment, Focus Group @ 7:30 in Richmond
Fri: Hair appt, Work @ 5:15
Sat: Work @ 5

School's almost here! I don't know how I feel about it... but my schedule should be more consistent.

Looking at some recent pictures -- my hair is so blah. Everyone I know has done something semi-drastic with their hair recently like chopping it off and getting a cute little bob. The only "different" thing I've done was getting it permed a few years ago... which took forever growing out so I'm gonna have to re-think perming it again (though seems like Korea is a great place to get it done... I have half a year to think about this).
My coworker gave me a 50% off coupon from her friend who works at The Red Room Hair Salon + Spa on Howe. I'll try it out on Friday hopefully... but I have to think of a hairstyle. I still want to grow my hair out more so I'm gonna keep the length... but I need to think of a new cut...

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