Saturday, August 30, 2008

Spin Sin

(Ew, what's with the spacing?)
Just came back from work -- probably the first day I've ever worked SO MUCH!

7 hours @ event planning & 7 hours at Posh. Can't blame me but I'm a bit tired. I was all zzzzz in the morning and afternoon until I started my shift... tried all sorts of caffeine -- tea, coffee, pop, chocolate.. sugar... nothing worked until a coworker gave me a cookie she made.... zing! So awake. Had to stay until 12 (would have got off at 10) but this new girl was supposed to bus today but she didn't come! Apparently she didn't make it to her first 2 hosting shifts too.... so I hosted and bussed today. All the customers were very pleasant today... it was pretty crazy again but not as crazy as last time, surprisingly, as I had over 20 walk in groups (it spilled over to the other side of the reservation book!). I could have sworn the doppleganger of Phil from Wong Fu Productions came with his g/f hahaha - this one's is a bit thinner though... but just as nice (I assume Phil is nice).
It was also the first day of the price change:
Lunch used to be $9.88, now it's $11.88.
Dinner used to be $13.88, now it's $15.88.
And gift cards! Get a $158 value for just $138 and it's effective immediately. Expires in a year. That's 10 dinners -- good for large parties especially. Limited Edition.
Roger's last day =( So sad again.. but he promised he'd visit lots as a customer. Why is everyone leaving for school?! Can't they work 2 shifts a week? I guess I shouldn't say anything yet... let's see how my grades get with my 2 part-time jobs this semester...
Posh is fun though - I look forward to every shift... and it's exactly what I love -- absolutely wonderful coworkers, a decently modern atmosphere, and constant customer interaction... and the opportunity to rate how well you're doing with tips... and earn more than just a regular, steady wage.
Parents didn't pick me up at the station after work today -- they were asleep! I can't believe it... it was 1AM and I'm by myself with 3 guys in their mid-20's, waiting 20 min for the #16 bus.

Last night I discovered some neat emoticons on gmail chat accidentally and decided to search up some >>>more<<<>

Most of us know side-ways smileys like :-) or :D or even 8-]. These were invented by Scott Fahlman in 1982, turn 25 years now and are used almost all over the world. Including in Google applications like Google Talk, which rotate smileys you enter into "normal" direction. The following was Scott's original post where he made his announcement that would change the world... or at least, make parts of it a little more emotional:

19-Sep-82 11:44    Scott E  Fahlman             :-)
From: Scott E Fahlman

I propose that the following character sequence for joke


Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economica
to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends.
For this, use


Japanese smileys (or "emoticons"/ "facemarks") on the other hand aren't read side-ways, and they are also more stronger focused on the expression of the eyes. (Masaki Yuki of Hokkaido University claims Japanese students are "reading" emotions more through the eyes when compared to American students, who are more focused on the mouth.)

Here are some Japanese smileys:

(・ェ-) ... good night
( ^_^) ... hi!
m(._.)m ...thanks
m(_ _)m ... I'm sorry
( ̄ー ̄)
\(^ ^)/ ... I'm glad
ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ ... dance, sing
(;_・) ... sadness
(ToT) ... crying
( ̄へ ̄) ... discontent
(*´ο`*)=3 ... sigh
―(T_T)→ ... defeat
\(--)/ ... surrender
o(>< )o o( ><)o ... wiggle (  ゚,_ゝ゚) ... mock ☆⌒(>。≪) ... pain \(>o<)/ ... panic (゚ー゚)(。_。) ... yes yes (ι´Д`)ノ ... call (´~`) ... sleepiness [(--)]ZZzzz ... ( `_)乂(_' ) ... duel

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