Sunday, August 31, 2008


Whew last night was sosososo stressful @ work... (and I broke a nail tooo! OH NO.)

Day off today.
I need some online shopping therapy.

Just found out YesStyle is doing unlimited free shipping anywhere for any orders before Sept 2nd!
I'm eyeing the following:
RyuRyu Double Breasted Trench Coat on sale for [$98.51CDN]
So Japanesey to me -- it's so cute!
Shiseido Maquillage Neo Climax Lip [$27.10CDN]
I cannot find a place that sells the Maquillage line here! Apparently it's exclusively sold in Asia... It's pretty much the same price they sell it for in Japan... so wonderful! **
Chanel Lip Gloss [$29.43]
Which is pretty much the same price they are here in Vancouver xept I don't have to pay tax.
Chanel - La Ligne de Chanel [$47.30CDN]
This is an eyeliner! Such a nice blue... but I'm not too sure when I'd use the blue, but I like looking at it.
I saw the lady at the Chanel counter add a touch of water and it turned into such a bold and silky eyeliner.
Shiseido Maquillage Glossy Gloss [$25.23]
The shades I'm interested are sold out right now... 2 of these come in the triple layer like below and you're supposed to mix it up before you use it... but it'll hurt so much to mix up the pretty layers! I sort of hope it's not too shimmery though.
Just Diamond Waltz Circle 18K Diamond Ring [$1,114.17CDN]
This better come with shipping insurance...
Not fond of the diamond-encrusted band, but I like the statement piece!

Very tempted to get the Neo Climax Lippy in either OR331 or RD753 but I'll be good....... and wait 'til my friend goes to Japan in November..............

I'm trying to take the Serving It Right test but it's not loading properly grr

Mini review on Stride gum -- I keep on getting samples when I go downtown. Pretty OK flavour -- citrusy with a hint of mint so it does freshen your breath a bit. I'm one of those types that throw away gum when the flavour is gone whether it's 10 minutes or 30 seconds, but I've been chewing this one for over 20 minutes! Pretty good record for me. It's also great to blow bubbles with! Snap

Schedule for next week:
Mon: Work, Dinner?
Tues: EP Work
Wed: School *Rmdr - see Rosy+Lisa
Thurs: School, Dinner, BSB Concert!
Fri: School, UBC, Work -- Eek Program Proposal due
Sat: Lunch, Work
Sun: Dinner, Work

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