Monday, September 1, 2008

Quitting Feels Good Sometimes

I was checking my Xanga subscriptions (something I haven't done in a looong while.. so much has changed! How confusing) and this girl from Australia mentioned that it was the first day of Spring! I still find it amazing how their seasons are totally opposite of ours, especially when, if you go somewhere along the same time zone, it's just like ours. I hope that made sense.. I'm tired and should actually be going to bed now. Butchuknow what I just realized? I have never traveled below the equator before! I remember my HUGE want to go travel to Australia back in the middle of high school. My #1 place to travel to was Australia for a long time until I got into Asian stuff. Now, if I were to rate my go-to-lust destinations, it would be:
1. Korea
2. Greece/Bora Bora
3. Japan
4. Italy
5. India
6. Australia
haha Pretty typical eh? Watch this change in a couple years... well, when I cross most of them off! I have 10 more years to fulfill my Gr 12 goal - the one Ms. Heel said while I walked across the stage to receive my certificate -- I want to travel the world before I'm 30.

Did lots and have lots to do! Got work tomorrow while most kiddies are going back to school.

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Nat said...

that's not really a typical list - since you've been to a lot of the big places like Europe - paris, barcelona..

we were talking about destinations to go for the group and i was like "hawaii! mexico!" coz i love hot and dalton's like PSH that's so lame lol. that made me sad and then he told us all about malaysia and how the beaches and resorts are absolutely luxurious and with his malaysian citizenship we'd get cheaper rates, AND a place to stay in the mainland.. and he'd show us all around.. yah so i cant wait! summer 09 hopefully :P