Friday, March 21, 2008

Bus Grumble

Sometimes I think old men like to bug other bus passengers just to complain about what's wrong with the world and life. It's happened to be around 4 or 5 times to me since January, one being today. They (pretty cleverly, actually) try to start a convo with you and then it leads to something much more in depth.
Today I was just listening to my music, waiting for the #16 at Renfrew Stn. An older, balding, Asian man (who has lived in Europe/Toronto/Montreal most of his life) started this convo by asking me if I'm listening to music using both ear pieces. I had one of the strings behind my neck b/c it was longer than the other so he was trying to find the other one. When he found out I was, he went on and on about how it's unsafe to wear headphones b/c it makes ppl unaware of their surroundings... and how his son (or someone) was listening to headphones and then some guys jumped out of a car, unbeknownst to him, and attacked him from behind.

Me: oh really. Uhhuh. Uhhuh. Oh wow. Yea it's unsafe to wear them at night when you're by yourself. But then he goes on about how it's unsafe even in the daytime and how this city sucks when it comes to safety and security and how he hates how this city is run.
Me: You should go write a letter to the government then. Tell them what you want implemented.
Him: Naw... it's too hard. They won't listen.
Then he compares Vancouver to Montreal, Toronto and Europe, eventually talking about gun laws and how it's so easy to get guns here compared to Europe.
I guess it can be pretty interesting - learning other ppl's take on the world, but let me listen to my music!!


Nat said...

i agree. i dont mind chatting with you for a few minutes, but.. i got on the bus to sleep.

(wow i sound so rude. a lot of complaints how our city is so self absorbed, no desire to open up the walls surrounding each person..)

Nat said...

that dress from zara is cute! ..but .. yeah.. make sure you reallly like it $70 is a lot. i think it's nice but how long will it last you? (fashion style wise).. i bought a skirt from zara for $40.. i like it, but i was not quite fashion conscious at that time and didnt know long skirts make my legs look really really really short. i should see if it fits you, you're taller, if it goes to the knees i think it'd look good. goes past for me, and makes me look stumpy! yech. try it on next time u come over, if u like flowy skirts, that is. it's that white skirt with teal green large flowers on it

N said...

oh yea I remember that skirt is cute! It's still really cute -- I'd love to try it on but aw - waste for you -- maybe you can get it hemmed?