Friday, March 21, 2008

Oink. Tabemono ga suki desu.

Today I met up w/ the "604 Dong Bang buddies" as Bern calls it haha to eat Korean -- we had jajangmyun (black bean noodle) again -- then we went to Book-Off and I bought my first fully Japanese book for $2! Yay!

Oh I also found my toothpaste - Colgate Luminous -- but they didn't have any in Paradise flavour, so I got Clean Mint which I really like. I now enjoy brushing my teeth and might brush just for the heck of it.
I put this strapless dress on hold @ Zara today -- I quite like it - it's made of 100% raw silk and is super light and pretty, but it's $70. Oh well. I was wearing the wrong bra and it's a bit scrunched at the bottom b/c of the static from my leggings.
I've been listening to this Japanese song on repeat yesterday and today. Apparently it's very popular right now in Japan. I can see how!
Koko ni Iru yo (I'm Right Here) - SoulJa ft. Thelma Aoyama ENG SUBBED
There's also an "answer" to this song which is very similar except mainly sung by the girl.
Soba Ni Iru Ne - Thelma Aoyama Feat. SoulJa ENG SUBBED

I'm a bit tired but I have to do some work before I go BBT-ing tonight... and somehow eat a bit of dinner and shower.
Happy Easter - I won't blog until Sunday night unless something surprising and bloggable happens tonight haha
My title translates to "Oink. I like food."

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