Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party In Your Mouth

Yesterday in Japanese class, a Korean girl did a presentation on her favourite Korean movie, Old Boy.
She showed us a clip of one scene where this guy eats a live octopus. I was totally disgusted!
Eating live octopus is a delicacy called San Nakji in Korea and Japan (ikiteiru tako)... and it's apparently supposed to be good for your skin or something.
The challenge is to munch and swallow the live octopus without choking. It is reported that there are on average of 6 deaths due to choking (on live octopus), each year in Korea.
This is the scene - the guy had to do 4 takes hahhaha:
Too bad the scene is ruined 'cause it's dubbed and the music doesn't really go with...

To REALLY see how Koreans eat octopus, take a look here. It's so worth it.

Would I try it? No way. I don't even eat octopus when it's dead. It's too chewy and tasteless.
Would you??

I guess it's appropriate to talk about the Pufferfish.
I'm sure the Simpsons have taught all of you how fatal the Puffer Fish (Fugu) can be when it's not cut properly because it releases the poison Tetrodotoxin. You have to have a license to be a puffer fish chef.
Have you ever wondered how they cut it? I believe it's also while it's very much alive. Click here.
A slight error during the removal of the toxic parts can allow the toxin to contaminate the entire flesh of the fish. Despite the risk of eating Fugu, it is reported that yearly, there are dozens of death from Fugu poisoning in Japan.
This is totally true - my sensei's uncle cut his own Fugu, ate it, and died.

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