Sunday, March 30, 2008

Simple Is Best

Did you know that the Japanese version of American Apparel is Uniqlo? It's also known as the GAP of Japan... There's stores in China, HK, Korea, UK, and the States (well, NY). I think they have a bit more going on than AA though. Uniqlo has the same simple aesthetic, but their clothes aren't as basic. Check it out here.
Here's a quick tour of their store in Harajuku, Japan. Those tennis-ball looking containers are different colours + types of tees. That's easy to keep things neat...

AA is coming out with a few new things! Don't know the details yet, but this one is the
Four Way Stretch Twill High waist Zipper Pant. It looks almost exactly like my Miss Sixty's skinnies xept it's high waist.. and probably a lot more black.
They're also coming out with a Pinpoint Oxford Button-Up Shirt for guys. I think it'd be great for guys with slim builds.. which is who AA seems to cater to.
I totally didn't know/realize that AA makes clothes for kids too!
California Fleece Raglan. Awwww.
A couple of things that'd be fun/nice to have are:
Lame Ruched Front Tube Bra [$16]
in Smoke
or Purple
I don't really know what I'd wear it with, but it's kinda funky.
I'm a biiig fan of their tri-blend collection -- SO soft and comfy!! But they need to come out with more styles man....
DIE medium stripes. Big stripes or thin stripes aren't as widening.
Unisex Striped Fleece Zip Hoody [$50]
Aaaahhh I feel like I've done NO work today! Again... I didn't do much yesterday either.
Tomorrow I'm going to do my exercise (I realize the last couple weeks have been very slack... mainly because things were due and the Seattle trip bounced me back a couple run-days), wash my hair to REALLY confirm that it's not gonna get any lighter (my hair dye)... then call the guy up and book another hair appt for 5:30. Mom is coming w/ thank goodness. Theeeen I gotta finish my Japanese script (for SURE) and write my English... omg maybe I shouldn't exercise tmr and just wake up early to do English... or maybe write it now since I won't be going to bed for another half hour or so... decisions decisions... no. I'm too tired to write English. Will definitely work hard tomorrow. No exceptions! Must go to bed now then...

Stay tuned tomorrow for my Everyday Minerals review!

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