Thursday, June 12, 2008


Finally a break from work! It's fun and all but it's a bit much when it's 4 days in a row. I need some variety I think. After work I shopped around downtown (picked up a black Wilfred cashmere vest from Aritzia I like a lot but will probably return 'cause $75 is a bit much right now -- found out the trench I was looking for was from last year or a few years ago -- they only have a black one left from Alberta) + then Dims picked me up and I went winging w/ Nad + her friends at some pub in Capitol Hill. $5 for enough wings to get me really full! Nice. Amusing bunch too! ahhaha

My good deed today -- I took 2 pieces of dessert for Nad and Dims since they were picking me up. So I was carrying it around downtown by hand as I refused to use a plastic bag since I became quite annoyed at all those Asian customers who ask for 1 tiny piece of dessert to bring home in a BOX (we've run out of small boxes so we had to use ridiculously large ones) AND A PLASTIC BAG... omg CARRY IT BY HAND GOODNESS SAKES!! OR PUT IT IN ONE OF YOUR OTHER ALMOST-EMPTY BAGS!! Almost all the Caucasians, or non Asian... actually non-Chinese, I've noticed, look to see if they are able to fit the box in their bag before they request one. Aggravated by the Chinese man... (I can say this 'cause I'm Chinese but hopefully I don't have these characteristics) -- they're always trying to get the best bang for their buck... which sort of makes me so surprised whenever they buy something from this super over-priced bakery. It's annoying! They buy 5+ loaves of cinnamon bread and then ask us to slice it for them -- and since we can't put it in our bread slicer, we have to cut them by hand. And they're always sooo picky on presentation from my other coworkers who are all environment and eco-friendly ppl who want to conserve boxes and such... make them put different desserts in specific boxes so they don't touch and blah blah blah. They're such wasteful packagers! Especially the older ones!! Any free thing they'll lunge for it whether it's a plastic bag or a plastic knife. No wonder I read they're using up such a high percentage of our world's resources - China, the country. I mean, I realize they do a lot of the farming + factory production, but I'm 100% sure they could cut down on SO many things that will alleviate the pain our world is facing. And their practices are being instilled in their people and it's traveling all over the world. Same with us! Grar... I'm gonna attempt to be more eco-friendly now...

Anyway...then, I saw a scruffy homeless man, kneeling on the side of the sidewalk on Robson. He was wearing a cap and a light coloured, dirty jean jacket and jeans, his teeth were totally rotted and almost gone, and he was shaking while holding a crumpled gray cap (that used to be a khaki colour). He wasn't sitting or sleeping like most of the other ones. I quickly walked past him like everyone else, but then realized he was different. He was asking only for food, not money. So about 5 steps away, I stopped, turned around and gave him the cake. He took it and suddenly (and scarily) threw his gray cap down and said something along the lines of "finally! what does it take out of all you people - someone has finally given me food!"
I just stare at him for a few seconds while he's making this commotion + then he looks in my direction (but not at me) and says "THANK you". And like any customer at the bakery, I smile and tell him to enjoy. I don't know how I feel. Good, a bit oddly liberated in some weird way, yet unfinished. I guess I feel there's more to do. I should have told him to pay it forward somehow... 'cause anyone can - no matter if you're young, old, disabled, blind, poor etc., anyone can do something to help someone out - even if it's just a little.

The next week is pretty filled w/ activities.

I'm so behind on DBSK news! From skimming, Yunho looks even more manly, Yoochun's hair is growing longer again + his face is looking a bit pudgier but he's still thin, Jaejoong looks more buff, Junsu looks like he's battling some acne problems, and Changmin is just looking great! Darn picture shrunk -- click to see enlarged.
These pics are from their "A Week Holiday" photobook.
haha this pic reminds me of BSB 'cause they're all in white.
I really like this picture.
So... vesty but nice.
LOL so ppl were wondering where DBSK went to after they went to LA - there were many fan accounts of people saying they saw them in Las Vegas while others say they saw them in New York and got a picture with them. The truth? They were at the Grand Canyon taking photos for this photobook with the concept: natural landscapes.
Yoochun rejected his bday gift worth thousands from his fans and asked them to buy his CD in August/Sept.

Anyway, I'm jealous mannn!!
What: alexander wang sample sale in NYC
Where: 386 broadway. 3rd floor.
When: june 25- 28. wed: 3-7, thurs-sat: 10-7
Go check it out for me, you NYC-ers!!


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Nat said...

well all the "eco" friendly media coverage seems to be in english :S .. not that i read chinese newspapers but.. i duno? are those kinds of features in the chinese media? u know how the van sun often has features and articles about this stuff.. man dont get me started on this eco debate.. driving me nuts! i cant win! i feel SO guilty because of all the education and exposure i'm plied with all the time.. and sometimes i expect too much from other people , that they should and could just as easily take transit or watever, it's just a matter of changing ur lifestyle.. but of course i'm young, no family, no responsibilities, easy for me to say! sigh. BUT i cant help but remember this article in the sun - a family w/ NO car! they gave up the car, two young children, for nine years so far! gosh. i wish /want to be like that (more reason to stall on driving lessons? :P) and then im suhc a hypocrite, there i am walking along w/ a plastic bag for groceries, or taking a sip of a frappucino from overpriced fat and sugar out of a disposable PLASTIC cup.. sigh. SIGH SIGH SIGH. i'll tell u more later.. gosh =p i could go on and on..

and it really is a gimmick, we have "ecotile" at ames now.. really, nothing about tile is really eco friendly at all = ='' the transportation is unbeleiveable.. all the way from turkey, across the ocean! no such thing as LOCAl tile = ='' and then..such overconsumption! such waste! sigh sigh.. and CAR companies being eco friendly? how impossible can u get? ANYWAY right... stop talking = =''

im glad u gave the guy cake.. he was probably a bit crazy :( after being alone on the streets and such, i would be too. sometimes i feel like i want to give a kind gesture but.. i get scared too easily. im really jumpy. i'm always scared of reaction, so i just ignore. how passive of me eh =T but good on you!!