Friday, December 4, 2009

Pump It Up... for Xmas!

I'm done all lectures for this semester SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!! Give me the text, material, notes, info, and get me to take the exams and write the papers but don't make me go to lecture! Worked really well last night until 4AM to finish off the powerpoint for today's solo presentation. Don't know how well I did, but I did my best (I actually did) and, if what I had was what she was looking for, then I think I did pretty well.

Work tonight, lotsa big tables on reservation, gonna work w/ awesome team. I'm server 1, happy happy happy. I hope to serve a table of Angus Beef tonight! We just introduced it this week - priced quite a bit higher than regular beef though so it's hard to sell, especially for those people who come to Posh for its value.

Even though I did a Zipia order just last week, I still check Zipia every weekday after 7PM 'cause that's when the new stuff comes out. Yesterday, they came out with BUNNY HILL CLOTHES and they're SO NICE and CUTE! Since when did bulky snow clothes look so cute?
I guess I'm more excited 'cause I actually need a new snowjacket this year... I've had the same one since Gr 10.. 8 years! That's pretty good. But it's so boring and I blend in with the snow... especially with my black pants. Anyway, clothes to snowboard in is probably the one exception where it's expected that you look fat, baggy, and puffy so might as well wear bright colours!

Angora hair band thingy I love it - it's so 70's/80's (my mom had some)!
AOIFHAFJALKSJFSLF WEOIFJ WFIJFJ I'm so sad!! The pink snowboard pants (above, they have both subtle stripes and the pixel squares on them) are ALREADY sold out and they just put it in stock yesterday!!! They must have had some low quantities or everybody rushed to buy them 'cause it already made up half of the $300 order limit. GAHHH

IJLFJJFLSIFJSDLFHSDLFNDLFDLFID Another disappointment!! The yellow ski jacket I absolutely ADORED last night is also gone! It's not even in the out of stock list... what happened to it?!
You can't really tell, but it has super fat (like probably 5 inches), subtle vertical stripes all over.

I mean, I wasn't going to wear them together.. I wanted to choose either or... more into the hot pink pants! Can't miss me now! I was thinking a green (can't decide which shade yet) coat w/ pink bottoms lol.. these colours are so Eastery.

I even like their bright "seasons pass" bag tag
Trend alert: These colourful puffers are coming back in style! I've seen it around Soompi on an Ulzzang.. can't remember. I realize I don't really look at the face of the person wearing the outfit often unless they're good looking.
oh found the other bright coat - on ulzzang Mikki
I WANT HER SHOES! They are so me!

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