Monday, December 7, 2009


I would say that I'm kind of obsessed with the whole "long 'n lean" bottom half look (not the twiggy look)... not just for me, but for everyone that I see.. especially in the winter.
Take this girl -- she's a perfect example of someone who can look short and stumpy but so tall and lean the next day.
Here is her "tall and lean" look - don't her legs look so slim?
(uh.. short much? gosh.. and then you see that a few days before, she wore the same outfit with a skirt and the cardi looks so short too lol)
But suddenly, she as thunder thighs.. or, just so disproportionate from her top half 'cause it's a lighter colour that it looks that big. I'm not against colourful bottoms, but in this case, I would carry the colour all the way down to her ankles and wear a heel 'cause the gray is like a thigh highlighter.. and hers aren't even that big.. but it looks so in this picture.
+ 50
And for this next picture, I was thinking, is it because of the angle of the picture?? How else could she have gained so much weight in the next picture? It probably is, partly, but I've decided it's more because of what she is wearing....
(I do like the top half of this next outfit).. I think she'd look a lot slimmer if she wore heels with this outfit.Anyway, not hating or anything. Maybe I'm crazy for noticing these insignificant things but that's what I notice on the streets. I like her and I kinda love some of her outfits (like the ones below) and she looks quite beautiful when she does profesh modelling and i'm super jealous of her full bangs - and I think it's so awesome possum that she's only 17 and just started outfit-blogging, but man can she gain and lose picture weight fast! ahha and if you think I'm the queen of neutral colours, i'm only a princess compared to her! She is the royal queen the first lol 'cause except for a couple accessories and that yellow moo-moo above, everything she owns is either black, white, or a shade of gray.
Anyway, waiting to see what Zipia will come out with tonight - 1 more hour!

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