Monday, February 25, 2008

Shoulder Pads And All

My mom still has a lot of clothes (dresses, namely) that she's not willing to get rid of. She claims that they're gonna come back in style. I totally disagree. There are only some styles that will recycle, but not any of these. I had some fun and raided her closet, trying on all the old ones. We both had quite the laugh - maybe now she realizes that it'll never be trendy again!
It was surprising how tiring it was to change clothes. I think I wore about 5 other dresses on top of these but they didn't turn out that well.
Most of these pieces are from the 80's. I'm not sure if they can be considered vintage or not.
Ah... bad and quick MSpaint job lolll
Top left corner -- ooooooh my goodness the shoulder pads in this sequined dress! I felt like a clothes hanger in it! That dress is amazingly heavy. It's beautiful though - the sequin details are exquisite. I'm thinking of bringing this to a tailor and updating it by cutting off the sleeves, lifting the hem, and making it more form-fitting.
The floral patterned ones are atrocious and I look almost as if I belong on a farm as a farmer's wife or even as the cow. In fact, I think the latter is most appropriate b/c I can't even button up the bottom left one! My hand is covering the gaping hole.
The black and white swirly blouse makes me feel like I'm a clown.
I guess the black dress isn't very old - it has a mod cut, but I swear she has had it for a veeeeeerrrryy long time.
I have to say my favourite is the top right corner one. It's very pretty and flowy and is made of raw silk. You can't tell but it's a sheer v. light gray background with thin, metallic blue and green lines Gotta find a slip to wear underneath though 'cause it's also veeeery see-through.

Tons of work to do!
Cannot wait for next Wednesday to be over.
I have to:
- write an 800 word 1st draft Op-Ed (stands for Opposite Editorial) on Ecotourism worth 10% due on the 4th
- Prepare a geo presentation on this v. long article also for the 4th worth 5%
- Prepare for my Japanese Oral #1 worth 10% due the 5th
- Write my Japanese Assignment #6 due the 5th on Christmas or my birthday or something... worth 4%
Now that I've written these out, it doesn't look like they're worth very much, but I want to do well!

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