Friday, February 29, 2008

Down One, Up Two

2 posts today.
I brought 1 pack of Natto to Japanese class today.

YESS 1 pack gone... 1 more to go.
Didn't smell AS bad as it did when I first tried it. Maybe it's a bit old now... don't know when it expires... but from the reactions, it still tastes just as bad... if not worse hahahaha

The next friend who comes through my front door gets to eat it.
Lucky lucky person.
I think I won't have anyone over for a long time now...
Natto wa oishii kunakatta desu. Mazui desu. (Natto is not delicious. It's gross)
Natto o tabemashouka? (Shall we eat natto?)
Isshoni tabemashou! (Let's eat together!)

In other news,
--> YES last Japanese quiz today!!!!! I think I aced it.
I'm much more confident about my oral (next Wednesday) after today's class.
I pay attention amazingly well when I'm awake.. and after a good quiz.
--> My Everyday Minerals package came yesterday (minus the kabuki brush which is still on backorder until 3/8). So far, I quite like the eye shadows and one of the mineral shades blends into my skin so well on its own! I don't have to mix them like most people do. Someone has got to show me how to blend eye shadows though... I look like someone punched me. I'll do a post on them once my kabuki brush comes!
--> PSPs are actually pretty darn cool - I didn't know you could put such clear videos on it.

Shaki wa kawaii desu! (So cute!) and so well groomed. He's Junsu's dog.
I like dogs that always look like they're smiling.
Love the tongue. Bleeeh hahahaOK! Let's power through this weekend! I'm pumped! (wow.. this must be the 1st time I'm using that expression. How strange now that I typed it... not very me either... but you know what I mean)
Can't wait for Wednesday to be over.
Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over. Can't wait for Wednesday to be over.

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