Thursday, July 17, 2008


This is such an adorable dress on Fifi! J'adore mucho.

I just had instant ramen for breakfast. Healthy eh? We ran out of meal card points so we have to try to save $$ by eating in now. There's this great cafe-type called Bibliocafe and they have really good sandwiches on focaccia... oh yea I mentioned that before. Yesterday, I tried Pesto Pollo (chicken) which was really good. Hopefully they'll have the Italian Deli sandwich they keep selling out of. Went shopping downtown with Alana + Sydney and fell in love with this store on Yates St. called Patch. Although all I found is a retro skirt I will wear as a dress, they have a good selection of vintage dresses and skirts. I only shopped one side -- I want to browse the other side today. I was actually more excited to go to this store called Flavour (a "vintage" store ppl say is much better than Patch)... which turned out to be a real dud 'cause the only vintage that was there was old vint. tees cut up into sweaters/dresses.. you can find that in Vancouver. Everything else there were threadless tees, ONLY brand stuff, and American Apparel (I guess they don't have an actual AA store here). They're also selling the exact sunglasses I'm wearing on the left for $13.99 (when F21 sells them for $5). I tried on heart-shaped sunnies. They're cuuuute. Since I was downtown, I got M to bring her laptop to me so we could grab dinner take-out sushi while I used internet from a coffee shop to sign up for my courses, and then we zoomed back to watch the advanced evening concert.

I got the courses I wanted. My schedule next term consists me taking 4 courses and going to school 4 days a week (Tuesdays completely off) and only in the morning from 9:30-11:20AM on Thurs and Fri. I also get to go to Harbour Centre on Wednesdays but I don't know how I feel about that. I have 2 hours to get there from my last class. When I'm not going to school, I will most probably be working. Let's see how well I can time manage this term...
I also got my 2 International buddies from SFU's Global Partnering System, Marte from Norway and MoYeon from Korea. I'm curious to meet them!

Anyway, the advanced evening concert was short but refreshing 'cause only advanced ppl played. There's actually this 11 or 12 year old.. he says he's going into Gr. 8. He's known as a prodigy + he's in Gr 10 piano and is almost finished his History and Harmony Theory requirements... and he has really amazing technique. His hands are a blurrr all across the piano.

I love love love white and green bouquets like these!
Ok I'm off -- the cleaning lady has finally finished making the washroom spic and span for ME. That's right.

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Melanie said...

how could you mention carter only??? lol i loved my soiree :P