Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pandas and Pretty Little Things

Was Gossip Girl not on last week? No one seems to have the episode... darn.

Morn Creations Panda Bag [$20USD]
I saw this panda face on bags quite often in Hong Kong.. and thought they got it from Ocean Park... but no! It's apparently stylish! Whoda thought. It's cute, I guess.. well this is a change purse so it's cute.. but I don't know about the huge bags they're selling on YesStyle. It reminds me of the hong mao (panda in Cantonese) stuffed animal I bought at Ocean Park (right)... and the t-shirt HAHA!! I might as well show you the new Hollywood movie coming out next year. Kung Fu Panda. Rain (the superduperfamous Korean singer/actor also known as Bi) is going to sing the theme song... and Jack Black and Jackie Chan are the voices. CUTE! So yea - let's prepare for awesomeness!
OK enough of the cutesy stuff.

I'm looking for a GIANT floor mirror for my bedroom. I want something antique-looking. I see my perfect mirror every time I watch this commercial on the Family Channel (51). It's in this girl's room and it always flashes by and it pangs my heart knowing that the perfect one is out there... in that TV... lol ok I stop.
This is one - it's a beautiful mirror and I like the shape and size and all, but it'll overpower my room and it's not exactly the style I'm looking for. Way out of budget too.
Alice Floor Mirror [$999] at Costco

Pretty Little Things

I adore monogram. Monogrammed plates, jewelry boxes, linens... and this bracelet!
(Just not monogrammed bling necklaces...)

Anna Sui was in the Vancouver Sun today. She's coming to Vancouver! So here's to her:

Anna Sui Limited Edition (Christmas Edition) Hand Mirror [$28USD]

Sorry -- unorganized, boring post... promise tomorrow's will be better.


Jamie said...

I like the anna sui mirror and all the casing of most of her other products too cause they're so princessy and girly

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

oh yay my comment worked this time! and i also really like that panda coin purse hehe cute

On said...

wow tooooooooo cute!!!

I love Panda... and just bought a Morn Creations Bag from the following Blogshop:

Share with you the photos of my lovely panda tote bag tmr... hehe