Saturday, November 10, 2007

Highway to Neverland

I must go to bed in 20 min so here's a quick post recapping my day! Destination: States

Challenge: to buy boots
Approx 8:15AM - off to the states w/ Nad and her 'rents!
Long lineup at the border (1hr plus)-- played w/ Nad's new ipod (has games!) which I still find difficult to use :( ... then headed to Costco while the 'rents got new tires and walked over to TJ Maxx (like a Ross) where I found nothing and Ross where I almost bought a dresser/multi-drawer thing for $100 (from $130.. reg $250).. got them to give me a bigger discount 'cause it was all scraped up... I wanted to buy it for around $70... anyway, and I found a kawaii Harajuku Lovers belt bag (notmypics)! After lunch at Wendy's, the 'rents dropped Nad and I off at Bellis Fair where we shopped for over 5 hours where we came across free samples... multiple times haha, I tried on a black and gold-chained Guess dress (suki desu), we saw 2 guys wearing identical pink hoodies and jeans, I tried on silver metallic leggings, & we searched for boots. Nooo luck for me =( Nad got a pair of jeans and a couple things for Dims.. and we both ended up buying long basic black leggings from Target! Then we go back to Costco (Costco ga suki desu!) -- their Costco has so much more variety than ours -- the picture on the right is of their wine bottle selection. They also have a cheese section and the HUGE All American 7lbs Chocolate Cake Nad is hiding behind of on the right hahaha
After that we went to chow a late 9'oclock dinner at a restaurant called Parrot Sisters in Bellingham. Long lineup - waited for over 30 min I think. See below for picture. It was south western/retro chic. I like the retro touch and all... but it's due for a makeover.

Decent-to-large portions - 6/10 food - not so great service.

WHEW that was one quick post! I haven't shopped like that since August! Sad to say, but I have to build up my shopping stamina (whodathought?)
Thanks Nad for today!!

I'll end w/ a couple pics of pics from DBSK's Bonjour Paris Photobooks (daisuki!!! =Love it!)
I wonder if they got to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe. I loved it up there... it was so magical for me. The sun was setting and the temperature was the most perfect Arc-de-Triomphe temp ever. Forget the Eiffel Tower.. it's overrated - the Arc de Triomphe should be THE place to propose... but shhh don't wanna share the location! Sigh.. I wanna go back. Same with walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in NY during sunset in August.
Pure contentment right there.

"Sleep Well",

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Nat said...

pepper sisters! :P not parrot

i have to tell u a very sad story about jenny and her previous parrot pets :(:(

i look so emo in that cake pic :S:S but, good quality pics for a phone.
i still cant beleive we bought so little. it feels like a waste of a trip!!, after my mom dropped u off, she said that was the earliest we been home... -_-'' coz usually we go to Fred Meyer, but my mom said they didnt have any sales this time. i usually look at their shoes and clothes there too, decent. i got my black rounded heels there.

darn.. wat was i gona say.
my mom went shopping again today -_____-'' with my dad. czo she didnt get to buy any clothes yesterday.. OMG.. she bought TWo coats.. one down jacket, 27$, (original 200) from sears outlet. not bad, i wouldnt mind wearing it wen it gets colder. but she already has TWO down jackets HAI. so my dad siad the jacket is for me lol. even tho my mom really wants it = ='' i think i'll just borrow it from time to time.

the ohter jacket.. a leather jacket.. AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! AWFUL!! and it was 90$!!! omg... colour, fit.. AWFUL!!! colour = "dusty rose" ......i said it looked like creamy tuna. UGH. and fit, it's like the BOX you said yesterday. OH BOY.. i can't believe my dad said it looked good -______-''