Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pretty... pretty busy

Whoazies me! It's been 2 days without a post... hmm what have I been doing?
On Friday, M and I baked some carrot pineapple muffins (b/c she had a pineapple she didn't want) and shortbread cookies (using these music-themed cookie cutters she just bought) with icing... and I found out that I'm one horrible icer haha. On Doyoubi (Saturday), I was supposed to go to B's place, but I forgot I had to finish my Business Assignment on WileyPlus (WHICH apparently had technical difficulties that night and now the assignment is due on the 6th!!) so I didn't head over until later and we both bussed out to Steven's house.
I found out a bunch of people's bra sizes, was reunited with the Vancouver-based LoveBoaters (L-R: Bern, Steven, Me, Katrina), ate tooons of junk food, listened to Steven's band (Gardenburst) jam to a few songs (here's a very short clip that doesn't really give their band justice), and played Wii (karaoke/Big Brain Academy/Rayman Raving Rabbids). Super late night - got home around 4:15AMish. Theeen this afternoon, I woke up around 12:30 and got my mom to go for a light jog around Clinton Park. It was nice.. except her stamina wasn't very impressive at all... We ended up admiring the new renovations to my first house (the one we moved out of when I was 2 on Grant Street) for a while. On the way back, a bird pooped on my head! (omg Nad.. flashback from Spain much??)

Peter Som Ariadne Hand Draped Dress (100% silk) [$1,945USD]
This is such a beautifully made dress - the detail!!

BCBG Maxazria Strapless Metallic Lace Dress [$360USD]
This dress is so girlie and pretty. Found at Nordstrom.

Betsey Johnson Strapless Dot Dress [$405USD]
When I first saw this dress on Nordstrom's site, I thought "wow... that's perfectly Betsey Johnson".. and lo and behold, it is! I like the richness of the purple. This dress is fun and cute but I don't think anyone over 24 should wear it. It's too young.

Rachel Roy Grace Dress [$1,500USD]
It's not so obvious why I like this dress - it's not something you'd call cute or even nice when you first look at it. I think I like it b/c it looks sophisticated and tasteful... like something you would wear to New York's runway fashion week.

A week ago, I added ClustrMaps to this site because I was curious who has actually visited my page. So neat I got a couple hits from Australia and 1 from what looks like Nunavut!

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Nat said...

AHAHAHA your head is a target for birds. i bet it was the same bird from spain!!!!!! lololol

i like the first dress the best, though the scrunchy thing in the front is a bit weird. i dont really like betsey johnson.. popped into their store a while back and wasn't too impressed with the barbie doll mini princess style :S

sigh.. you had all these normal things in your post.. and suddently i read "i found out a bunch of people's bra sizes" tossed in the mix. you say it so casually like you do it all the time............oh boy :P and you say people's...not just girls?? O_O

seeeeeee ya friday! excited. jus fast forward to friday! skip t/w/ ..well i dotn mind thurs coz i have that day off anyway haha.