Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time to "AJA" For 10 Days

One of the best parts of the Christmas holidays is that it's mandarin orange season!! I'm eating this one that's the size of my wrist. The sticker on it says "Cuties" in a happy, fat, kiddy font and it has a picture of an orange unzipping itself. Hm is that appropriate?

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Anyway, most of you know already but BIG NEWS! I finally got that e-mail I've been waiting for for the past... YEAR! I'm accepted into Korea University for the Spring semester (this March!)!! [BIG GRIN] ♥ The huge list of things-to-do is flooding my mind now but NO - I have to finish this stupid never-ending proposal and then REALLY cram study for my exams.

I've been sitting so much the past few days...

Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to post for a while so here's my schedule:
Thurs: Work @ UJ + dinner w/ Helen
Fri: STUDY + Posh @ night
Sun: STUDY + meet up w/ Ling ppl @ school
Mon: Exam 3:30-6:30
Wed: Exam 7-10
Thurs: Exam 12-2
Fri: Exam 3:30-6:30
Sat: Hopefully I'm alive and well?

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