Monday, December 1, 2008

Days Filled Up With Sharpie

Interesting! Topic of GUYLINER = guys + eyeliner on Lovelyish.
Personally, I don't mind it at all - as long as it's for the right guy. I even know a couple of guys at school who wear it sometimes and it really makes their eyes pop subtley. I find guys who have a bit of a prettiness or masculinity to them look even better with eyeliner. It just doesn't seem to work for "cute" ones. I can't seem to find a picture, but, for example, eyeliner on Jaejoong = YES. The same look for Junsu = NO. Since it's not common to wear eyeliner among the general male population, I think it shows confidence and thus ups their attractiveness. Would I date someone who wears eyeliner? Sure -- but I think that should be the extent of make-up use for guys... I'm not sure if I can handle it once they start wearing mascara, bronzer, blush, or gloss... but actually, I think concealer is fine too as long as it's not cakey.

Update on Fifi Lapin -- this is adorable!!
So girly I love it.

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Nat said...

u know how she was saying the johnny depp in pirates was wat made her go "WHOA"..i didnt really mind the guyliner there! to be honest it wasnt THAT obvious. yeah made his eyes pop but i was looking more at the rest of his costume... it was a total package!

yeah i'd love to see some pics of what you consider good. HEH i joke that im gona put makeup on dims but i dont.. = ='' a bit TOO weird. did lipgloss once (just a little) and i was like ok this is too weird hahah