Monday, December 10, 2007

Super Duper

Final 2/4 is finito! It went alright... I have 80% in the class now not including the Dietary Analysis which I hope to get almost perfect on. The exam is worth 40% I believe.. and the class is curved soo I'll probably end up with some sort of B. Average - as usual. I'm @ Nad's house now -- she sent me to study... booo hehehe jay kay. I think I'm gonna gain 5 from all the food @ her house. But ohhh it'll be so worth it.

Now it's all about SOOMPI (so pics are courtesy of Soompi)

This year's Love Angel Campaign: to support domestic adoption
Wonder Girls - I love this photo!! It's so sweet.
Kim Jung Eun - I don't know who she is but this is such a precious picture.
Joo Ji Hoon - model and main actor from Princess Hours. Such a perfect picture.
Yoon Eun Hye - a favourite =) Super duper good actress with the most gorgeous legs.
SUPERDUPER CUTE family of the day: Sean and Jung Hye Young + their daughter.
Matching parent-child outfits! I'd totally do that - I still don't know about matching couples shirts though...

Waaah ho dut yee ar~ lol that's probably the most honger I've ever been.

Gdragon’s crush has great taste in bags – I really really really really like her Chanel (bag).
You can't really see it - gotta click on the pic.

Hmm future bag to splurge on... after trip and dSLR - I'll save up.


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Nat said...

did you see the sweet nothing email? it had a patent tote from holt ... didnt really look patent tho. but it had that quilted square thingy same as the chanel bag. but in a tote form, so not as nice.

lololol "ho dut yee ar" LOL