Friday, January 11, 2008

Eat Your Veggies

I'm watching DBSK's guest appearance on Explorations of the Human Body (Korean show subbed of course)! It's so funny!!!
hahahaha!! ......... hahahhahahaha!!!!
What a good laugh

The topic was "reflexes". Super Junior is a regular on the show... so the whole show is SuJu vs. DBSK. So exciting!! They're all such great sports. Of course, DBSK wins everything except for the last match. DBSK can't be "Gods" all the time. Gotta give SuJu fans some hope in the members lol
CanNOT wait for the next episode!

Just came back from my 1st official Japanese 101 class. It's alright - definitely not the same atmosphere as last year... different room.. different ppl (only 7 ppl from my last class). Since it's the continuation of the JAPN100, people here know a lot more Japanese. I'm still having a bit of trouble listening, but now I get it a lot more than I did last semester. Pretty good how I still remember quite a bit! Will do a lot of studying for this course -- especially b/c I'm only taking 3 now (pssh don't ask).

Bus + skytrain rides seem quite long now without my MP3. Reminder to self to load music onto cellphone this weekend!

Got a 1.5 inch trim. No difference really. She just followed the layering of my old haircut from HK.

Got $32 for my Geo textbook. Spent $13 of it on food. Don't worry - I never spend that much @ school. It was a special occassion..... sort of.

Bought the GAP belt. Not cheap, but it should last a lifetime.

Anyway, on the way home from Surrey Central on the skytrain, there was this 2 year-old boy with his parents (I'm guessing he's 2 'cause his vocabulary seems to be a lot like my 2 yr old cousin, Kyle... they can't make their own full sentences, but they definitely understand what you say to them). The boy was wearing a red cap and had a HUGE diamond-like bling earring on his left ear. The parents looked quite young -- probably around 24-25 years old... couldn't really tell what ethnicity they were... Filipino? Anyway, he was a vocal (and a little restless) little boy, so he played "What do ___ say?" with his dad.

Dad: What do frogs say?
Cutie: Ribbit Ribbit
Dad: What do motorcycles say?
Cutie: Vrroomm! Vrroooooom!
... more animals...
Dad: What does momma say?
Cutie: Eat your veggies!
By now, the people on the skytrain are chuckling. The parents are also quite amused at this.
Dad: What does papa say?
Cutie: Put on [your] shoes YO!
Dad: What does Santa say?
Cutie: (I guess he has never been asked that before so he thinks about it for a while... then he says) HIIIIIIIIII!!!! ME SANTA!

LOL he was sooo cute!!!!

I just saved a bunch of pics over the last week.
Splash of sparkles:
Katherine Heigl's (ex-model/Grey's Anatomy/Knocked Up/27 Dresses (which I really want to see!)) pretty dress!! She looks stunning! Who would have guessed she had such a tiny, defined waist from those God-awful wide-legged jeans she's been wearing 24/7. But anyway, wow!! The superly fantastic neckline and cut of the sleevelessness! Good for her! Two thumbs way way WAY up!!Erin Fetherston.
She's a designer - known for her very girly designs.. Her stuff is generally just alright. I think it's a bit too cute/girly for me -- she's known for her big heart-shaped bags and bows galore. She has a special designer line for Target (like how Madonna/Karl Lagerfeld/Penelope Cruz/Stella McCartney/Roberto Cavalli designs special lines for H&M... that won't come up here to Vancouver =( how sad.) ... butchea. I just thought this babydoll dress was nice.
It reminds me a bit of Heidi Klum's dress from one of the Project Runway finales. Hm. Don't remember where I got this ad from... but I thought the dress was neat.
I found this (new?) designer! I really REALLY like her style and almost every single piece she has!
It's actually a chain store in Australia. Not outrageous prices (like $70 for a dress).
Here are a few pieces:
(Btw, this lady's wardrobe was featured on StyleHive! She's pregnant, but she has the NICEST CLOTHES for a pregnant lady!)
The dress is from SHIEKE! It's so nice!!! I'd love to own it!! It's ivory/cream-white! Perfect.
Hm. Can't seem to save the images. Oh well - go HERE if interested!
Here's more clothes from the pregnant lady ahhaa Don't mind her bump.
I absolutely LOVE this lace dress!! I want to find one just like it!! It's so feminine and I LOVE.
AND she has my Paddy!! (the handbag.... It's a baby Chloe Paddington!! MY Paddy!! Perfect colour + size!! WHY does it have to be an "it" bag!?)

I still cannot get over that lace dress + Paddy!

Forever 21's Twelve By Twelve Couture Line:
Sleeveless Knee-Length Lace Dress [$46]
Pretty -- scallop hem.
WhoWhatWear Daily did a short clip (love their clips!) on how to wear belts. Nothing new really, but the models looked great! I think I'm gonna keep my Gap belt to use as an outfit rendition of the model 2nd from the left. Still looking for a long cardi! Mine SHRUNK.

I need another trip to H&M... SOON. Monday?

Congrats to Nicole Richie who gave birth to a baby girl today!
Welcome to the world, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.

Getting ready to study hard... starting tomorrow!!
I've got no excuses. I'm only taking 3 courses so I'm going to do well in them, I'm going to get fit, I am going to continue eating right, I am going to get into Business, and figure out some plan + earn enough money for trips (and a good quality wardrobe) galore.

Get ready 'cause here I come!!

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