Saturday, January 12, 2008


CUTE Googims Character Print Hood Zipup [$98USD]
Also comes in a mustard and a gray!
Ashley Olsen - Love love love her black top.
I'm calling this next section: Living in Luxury
Pare Umbrella
(Designer) [~$90]
This is a perfect umbrella. Too bad there's wind with our rain here in Vancouver. Umbrellas break so easily.
Wow isn't this pretty? Cupcake liners! So delicate + garden party-like. Perfect to serve wedding cupcakes too! They're around $1.00-$1.50 each (which can totally add up if you have a lot of guests...)Just as pretty is this card! I'd totally frame it.Betsey Johnson's apartment in West Village, New York is/was for sale recently! I only saved a couple of pictures, but as you can tell, everything is white, silver, black, or a shade of pink.That's neat - one side to wash up and 1 side to put on makeup.Soo gorgeous. The most perfect sundeck/pool-side chaise I've seen in so long. From Pottery Barn [~$1000]
I love everything about it -- the dark wood stain + legs + size + cream quiltedness... and especially the little beverage holder. I'd just need a couple Cabana boys and I'm one happy turtle.

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Nat said... reading your blog is like an overload of frivolously expensive items. yikes.