Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stapleless Staplers

Ah - a nice day at home. Not so relaxing though.

I'm starting a
"Chomp" section for every post from now on where I would record everything I ate that day. This will just be an incentive for me to see how well I can eat. I'm going for small portions, many small meals (5 meals/day) , 2 types of fruit and 2 types of veggies... and generally a well-balanced day. No cheating whatsoever. If I ate that gummy, I'm telling you I ate that gummy! It's a lot like the Dietary Assessment I had to do last semester xept I don't have to calculate the calories and nutrition value of each.

One dog bowl of spinach leaves, cut up leftover chicken breast, and grated cheddar cheese salad with Creamy Poppyseed dressing.
2 cups of green tea
2 cups of water (did lots of exercise downstairs)
1/4 cup of "homemade" green tea ice cream
Late Lunch:
1 tin of Seafood Snacks (golden smoked boneless herring fillets)
1 perfectly ripe banana (a little green still)
A handful of Multi-grain crackers with brie cheese
1 medium bowl of Cranberry + almond cereal w/ milk
2 slices of orange
1 cup tea
1 bowl of vermicelli made by daddy
1 cup grandma's soup
1 cup of water
That stupid multivitamin I ended up chewing haha
Danone yogurt cup
1 Slice of apple
1 chocolate
2 cups water

Wow looks like a lot eh?
Pretty healthy day today/ended up eating all my veggies + fruit/ate many small meals/drank a lot of liquids/ate from all food groups = well balanced.

Future Plans:
I was originally planning to go to Korea and Japan in August, 2008 for a whole month just to travel, but now that I am also planning to go to Korea for exchange in Spring, 2009, I think I should save my money for that 'cause I'd be gone for 4 months and would need a lot of money. Instead, I really want my Spring-Summer trip for 2008 to be a trip to Hollywood, LA to attend the Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival. I just somehow need to get tickets and find a way to get down there. I'd probably spend 1.5 weeks down in LA (BERN we better be able to go!). The concert is on Saturday, May 17th! (Projected dates: May 13th-22nd)
This was last year's seating arrangement though I don't know if it'd be much different. Trying to get Pool Circle/middle Garden Box tickets! SO EXCITED!
I'm also planning to go take Korean at UBC but I have to coordinate schedules w/ M. Might not work out at the end but we'll see.

My brother started me on a Japanese Drama. I need to listen to more Japanese. I recognize vocab here and there but most of the time, they speak too quickly for me to comprehend. Learning languages take a lot of work. Anyway, the drama is called Great Teacher Onizuka (2001). I didn't read the summary for this so everything is going to be a surprise for me. I should do that more often. It's basically starts off with this guy, Onizuka, who doesn't have a great education and doesn't have a very good reputation 'cause he's known for forming a bike gang. He aspires to be a teacher (and from what I understand, he wants to b/c of the high school girls....)
but fails to do so b/c of his history. He luckily got a job at the same school that turned him down. The school puts him in the worst class - the class full of troublemakers where one previous teacher went missing and the other had a nervous breakdown. The class is trying to get him (Onizuka) to quit and so they do a bunch of things to him which force him to quit, but somehow he gets to stay. I quite like it so far. A lot happened in the first episode and it's fast-paced. I'm on the 2nd episode.

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