Monday, January 14, 2008


Today I went to Coquitlam Centre w/ my mom to go to H&M... how disappointing. I tried on 8 things that I only semi-liked and they didn't have my size in the one I would actually buy. 1/4 of the things are exactly the same from H&M in Hong Kong. The employees are pretty rude too. I tried asking this one girl if there were any sizes in the back. So I go up to her (like 2 feet away) and say "excuse me". She looks at me in the eye for a split sec, looks disinterested, then goes back to putting clothes back on the shelf. So I try again 'cause there weren't any other employees (let alone ppl) nearby. She either didn't hear or is ignoring me. I go up and stand next to her so she cannot ignore me and ask her. Then she mumbles w/ an annoyed tone.. and doesn't even look at me -- "no. Whatever's on the floor." My goodness.
We didn't spend much time at the mall, but I got to check out whatever stock Aritizia has left. Fell in love with that double breasted Talula Babaton virgin wool + cashmere blend military coat with metallic buttons in Navy (or maybe black) It's gonna be my new dressy coat soon yay! I just need boots and I'd be all set.
I don't like Aritizia's website. The idea is nice, but it loads so slowly on my laptop. I'd rather have just pictures than moving people.


1 cup water
1 bowl cereal w/ milk
Orange Julius Pina Colada
Handful of corn nuts
2 pineapple Mentos
Seafood Snacks (I'm addicted)
Multi Grain crackers
Earl Gray Tea
Lasagna (best I've had in over a decade! My mom made it too!)
Squash (equally as good. Has become my favourite Fall/Winter vegetable)
A huge salad
Milk Chocolate...
3 cups hot water

No vitamin today. That stuff is still going through my system from yesterday.

Did you notice anything unusual about the picture above?
If not, look again.

"According to The New York Times, there's a new trend rising in the streets of Tokyo: vending machine costumes and other portable pieces of fashion that one can use to hide oneself or one's belongings. If you are being chased, you can simply pull out the costume, pull it over oneself, and hide amongst the many, many others. Like the Predator in the movie of the same name, one can just disappear." Credit: FeetManSeoul
What... who knows they're gonna get chased that day? Do they have to wear that every day? How impractical. I think a better use of this would be as protection against wind/rain.
Now watch this lady transform herself:

Only in Japan....
Now what if some drunk guy tries to put money in them??

YAYA AFALO Print Rein Tunic [$387]
So summery! I like the delicate flower pattern + sleeves.
You can transition into Fall a lot easier with this version:
WhoWhatWearDaily just came out with the Spring 2008 trends.
Because of WWWD's reputation, I trust their fashion sense a lot more than other sites out there.
Here's what they said:
Brown Leather Belts: Yes. Love it - I've been looking out for the perfect one. Too bad they're almost always expensive at $40.
Sherbert Beauty: a punchier twist for makeup. Like tangerine lips or ice blue liner. Not a fan.
Cropped Pants: These refer to short mens-wear trousers for women. The tomboy look. Also not a fan.
Super Gladiators Sandals - the ones that wrap all the way up your calves. Ummmm they can look neat on some people, but I wouldn't touch them with a 10 foot pole.
Grab Bags: it's not really the type of bag, it's the way you carry it. Hold it like you've just grabbed the bag and dashed out the door. Ignore the fact that it has handles. Of course, this doesn't pertain to all bags... usually the smaller, oversized-clutch type. I think it's a refreshing way to hold bags. I like it.
High-waisted skirts: A big YES for me =) Everything seems to be high rise these days. I think high-waisted skirts are perfect for people who have short torsos b/c it hides hips.
Sheer legs: Opaque stockings taken to another level. Hm. They're alright. Some shades will make your legs look like they have some sort of disease.
Power puff: no, I'm not talking about the cartoon. I'm referring to hair. Basically looks like a voluminous puff on your head.. "a big airy hairdo". I think this is just for the runway. Can't imagine anyone on the streets sporting it. And even if they do, it's pretty much a no-no in my books.

This Political Ecology intro/chap1/chap2 is taking forever to read.


Nat said...

yep.. definitely only in japan.

lol grab bags: "ignore the fact that it has handles" .. oh fashion and its wonderful wonderful logic.
i thought gladiator sandals WERE in? as in, past, just a few years ago. or maybe i read it in an archie comic.. betty was working so hard to earn money to buy these trendy sandals and wen she finally got them, they were out of style.

salad for dessert? what's wrong with you?? :P hm, no multivitamin? tsk. ..well, i forgot too. i remembered during dinner, that i would have to take it right away coz you're supposed to eat w/ a meal, but i forgot til now and now it's too late. ... oops.

N said...

Yes - gladiator sandals are still in from a while ago, but now the ones that have straps that go all the way up your calves to your knee are in style =S

I didn't know you're supposed to eat the multivitamin during dinner! I didn't read the back of the container yet...
Anyway, I confirmed the $ w/ my mom