Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Body By God

Quick-like-fox post today 'cause I should have been in bed 30 min ago! I have to wake up at 5:45AM to shower and get to work tmr morning.. then I have Japanese @ night (which I'm not prepared for!! Oh no.. didn't get to really study this break... I will this Sunday for SURE!)

Today was my 1st day of school.
Accidentally went into the wrong classroom (lol!! it was a 400 level course and it was already in session! I was 10 min "early" for my class too)
Had class w/ Becky (Geog 389: Political Ecology (writing intensive course))!
My teacher seems pretty good. He just lectures though - no notes! Must pay attention... thinking of bringing my laptop to take notes 'cause I'm not a super fast writer and I'm bad at writing shortcuts... I don't remember what it means after I write it!
Got on the waiting list (only 2 other ppl) for Bus 303 yay
Got textbooks (such a light load this year!)
1 hour break so I got my lemon loaf (yummo) + read the intro to my Political Ecology text - not bad!
Had English - such a boring lecture hall. Oh well, the prof doesn't seem bad. I'm hoping to get on my English TA's good side so she can write me a good reference letter for my exchange application... I'm hoping I don't get the prof as my TA!! Butchea - this all means I have to really perfect my papers (another writing intensive course) and participate a lot in tutorial. It seems like around half the class are in 2nd or 3rd year like me.
Then went home.
Bern came over to pick up the stuff she ordered online.
We watched the first half of DBSK's "O" Concert!
Then went to Diana's to eat salmon salad rolls (omg my new fav - so yum)
2 games of the Sheep Game (aka Ark of the Covenant) - I lost twice :(

My more reasonable New Year's Resolution add-ons:
Watch the news as often as I can
Read the Op-Ed section of newspaper every 2nd day
Drink 8 glasses of water every day (no exceptions)
Eat 2 different fruits/day
Keep my notes very organized this term.

P.S. The title to this post is the title of a book I see on the coffee table right now lolllll I think it's about fitness 'cause it's written by a doctor.

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Nat said...

i duno about that 8 glasses - apparently that is just a myth! well, if you're drinking 8 glasses of water ALONG with all your regular liquids like tea, pop, juice, even fruits.. i believe it's 8 glasses of liquid a day, not necessarily water, though of course water is the purest form of liquid.

so much writing .. i would die. my paper writing skills have crashed.. i sure hope i dont need to write many this semester!