Saturday, December 29, 2007

Want, Need, Wish

Bah humbug.. forget Winter. I'm tired of Winter. I can't wear half my clothes out because I don't have boots to wear them with! I just keep on wearing athletic wear everywhere and I am soo bored of wearing them. I just want basic black, flat, leather boots!!
like THESE:
This is OK too: Jeffrey Campbell Triple Buckle Boot in my price range! But Online Only... it's got 3 buckles in the back that make it more unique. [$175] Miss Sixty Ester Boot [$285]

Very nice very nice.

Anyway, so instead, I just want to think about Spring and my flip flops... I love flip flops sooo much! Havaianas came out with Slim flops and they look pretty nice.

I'm into Hello Kitty (a bit) -- definitely won't go excessive with my HK stuff, but I think it's cute having a few things here and there. I bought these mini Hello Kitty figurines in Hong Kong that are sooo cute but I have no idea what to do with them because they'll just collect dust in my room. M got me a Hello Kitty (princess!) passport holder which is much more practical than figurines haha and super cute to boot. So how about this Hello Kitty Waffle Maker [$40] from UO?
Or how about this Hello Kitty Toaster [$40]?
These types of cups are neat -- Chesire Cat Mug [$12]. The cat completely disappears when you pour a hot beverage in the cup! Mirrored Dressing Table [$200]
I watched a few design shows today and an episode of What Not To Wear and Colin and Justin's Wedding Belles show. Colin and Justin are 2 Scots who are known for their great taste for interior design... but they try to plan a wedding (their first)! And I LOVED the ideas they had for that English wedding. Very inspirational. It was an outdoor wedding in someone's backyard (but it's nothing like Vancouver backyards -- theirs are like acres and acres of grass!) and they set up marquees (those white tents) that connected in the middle and inside, the walls were lined with that flowy white romantic material that I LOVE. AND they had the idea of giving 1 butterfly to every attendee in a box and they'd all release them at the same time and there'd be a cloud of butterflies hovering over! Isn't that beautiful? Unfortunately, the butterflies were kind of ugly (all small and pale yellow) and didn't really fly up... they just clung on people's clothes lol so yea.. didn't work out that well.

ANYWAY - I want an all white wedding... I wish for the guests to wear white too but I feel bad 'cause the guys would have to buy white suits... actually, mine wouldn't be all fancy shmancy so they can just wear their white button ups... and I'm sure girls can find white dresses. It'll be like White Chicks! If not, I really like the dove blue-gray + white combo. I want it for my room (as an accent colour) but it's really hard to find that shade.

Eating fresh kimchi -- which is the best kind! Yummm

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