Friday, December 28, 2007

Foreva.. eva eva? eva eva eva?

@ work - nothing to doooooo ('cause I'm speedy hehehe)
I might go down to the States next week w/ Nad and now I'm excited for Forever 21 (though we might not go all the way down there... but it's fun to look anyway).

A few finds... boy it's annoying to add pictures on this computer!
Felicity Tunic (in Sage -- also comes in lilac and gray) [$22.80]
So pretty and perfect for Spring! Yes - I'm thinking about Spring now -- it's my favourite season! When I think Spring, I think very feminine, light, airy, and flowy. You can tie it in the back too or put a belt with it. Love it!

Satin Bubble Tunic (in Yellow!) [$22.80]
Colour! Majorly needs to be accessorized. It also comes in Navy - equally as cute.

Julila Ring [$4.80]

Herringbone Short [$22]
Can't get enough of these shorts!

Btw, it's operation no-fishie-face (ONFF) for me... the chubbier my cheeks get (from eating all that chocolate), the better I can pull off the fishie face... and this ain't a good thing.

1 comment:

Nat said...

you're weird, u know that? ONFF?? lol.
u better show that to me tonight.

EE okay i'll make my parents go to forever21 if you come :D:D i wana get a cropped sweater!!! and..more clothes. lol