Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You Know, You Can Snow Now!


A - DBSK's songs are amazing
B - I get really sensitive when I'm tired
C - All of the above
I think C... I just woke up from my nap and left a play list of all of DBSK's slow songs on. I was napping, but I guess I was also listening to the music 'cause when Holding Back The Tears came on in the middle of my nap, I suddenly felt so emotional! It was as if the song was tugging at my heart and I felt sad. Then I was fine for the next couple songs (Magic Castle and Begin).. and then I felt a different kind of emotional for Insa, One and Love In The Ice - more of a blown-away kind of emotional. I don't know what was happening to me - I never felt that way listening to it before. I guess when you concentrate on the song (subconsciously), you really feel all the emotion they put into the song and it can be really powerful. I'm feeling the same 'ol satisfied turtle as usual right now, but that was a weird hour.

I'm way too tired to write about yesterday but it was a lovely day! You don't need anything - if you have family and friends, consider yourself one lucky giraffe.

Today, I woke up at 6:15AM to shower and meet up with B at Burrard at 8:15. We went boxing day shopping! I ended up buying 2 dresses from American Apparel (20% off) and a huge, oversized ivory scarf from Urban Outfitters (50% off $44). Good deals. The dress was the only thing I wanted to get. Now, all I need are 2 pairs of boots, a ski coat, and a gray thick knit sweater and I'm alll set for winter! I've got summer clothes pretty much covered from last summer.

I'm just gonna post pictures and captions from the past while -- pics on my cellphone.

SFU's snowyness during final examsIn the David Bitton Buffalo changeroom - the trench I bought and love
The bully cookie I decorated.The many hours Nad and I spent in front of her emac, working on the photobook -
I didn't know you took this pic, Nad!
The cool fort I made for Erin and Kyle.
If only I could fit inside, I would join them!
The neat lean-y thingies in the middle of the bus on the 99B-line that I've never seen beforeMy mom bought her uncle a couple of Happy Birthday helium balloons for his birthday. I got stuck with them in the back of the car where the roof fabric is falling apart and is touching my head boo
B and I's first stop today while boxing day shopping downtown: Holt Renfrew
I tried finding my Chanel Bag, but they didn't have it! I'm gonna have to find it in the states. Oh well I think it's gonna be a couple years before I get it anyway.
We saw huuuge Dior boots - that's B's foot on the left so you can compare.Designer jersey coat made into a bag, anyone?Some of Shu Umera's fake eyelashes.
Bern bought a snowboard today!! It's sooo cute! If you can't see, it has a bunny, a whale, and a milk carton on the front.And the back! The bunny has 1 tooth!
(I look so tired)
Bern is leaving for a road trip down to the States tomorrow! She's gonna be reuniting with the friends we made in Taiwan last summer and goint to Tahoe to board!! Lucky herrrrr -- have a great trip! My hair is so light! B dyed it a couple days ago... I'm waiting for it to get darker. My eyebrows are so dark compared to it!

I have other pictures of my amazingly tidy room and of family from yesterday, but those will have to be uploaded another time.

I feel like I should study Japanese and get ahead in that class... or at least review so I don't forget what I learned! Actually, I think I'm going to go read a bunch of things online to speed up my reading skills. Maybe some mangas?

To Do List for the rest of Winter Break:
- Study Japanese **
- Start reading the Golden Compass
- Do Book Buybacks for the Geography book **
- Buy my books for next semester *
- Plan a games night
- Do Return
- Book eyespa + haircut ****
- Check out that armoire on West Broadway
- Start training for the SunRun
- Organize my finances - plan for Korea/Japan trip realistically
- States trip after January
- Check out Pilates classes
... + more

Gonna go eat yummy leftovers from yesterday's Xmas dinner now!

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