Thursday, March 6, 2008


Viktor & Rolf
Went semi-shopping for the first time in SO LONG today.
I only really hit up 3 stores, but it was really all I needed.
Now added 1 oversized-pocket black cardi + navy interlock pencil skirt (that my mom says I need to drop 10 before I wear lol - can't say I disagree) to my wardrobe. Bought it on a whim, thinking (well, knowing) that if I didn't like it, I could always return/exchange. 'Lo and behold, I lost the receipt and was bummed about it for like 20 min... 'cause I'm a "receipt freak" (I keep them all for a long while), but after trying them on again, I love them and won't be returning. Kinda sad that they're quite a bit cheaper (approx. $12 cheaper for the pencil skirt + $6 for the Cardi) in the States though... but I'm not going down there anytime soon am I now?! Well, not sure if I'll wear the skirt before I go down, so I might exchange that for something else. Anyway, boring colours I know. I will eventually add more exciting pieces once I build up my basics. Ummm also found 4 or 5 pieces I really really love from Aritzia... really wanting to get that YesStyle blazer from 2 posts ago..... I tried on one from Aritzia that's v. similar - almost sold out too.
I'm quite amazed at HOW popular the long blazer is!! I'm seeing it everywhere! They sell it in Aritzia, I saw a couple girls wearing it today, and it's all over YesStyle. Very trendy - looks so good on long slim figures (but then, what doesn't?).
Of course, some look nicer than others.
Oh no... seems like the other 15 pictures I put up aren't working for some reason. Oh well. If you really want to see the other types, go to and type in blazer in the search bar.
There's about another 20 or 30 long blazers on that site, but I think you get my point.

Total discipline (not including shopping) starts tomorrow.
Trying on clothes can make you feel good. tralalalalala

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