Saturday, March 8, 2008


Tadaima (I'm home!) --

A not-so-bright moment: I was exercising in the morning and used this short-ish resistance band that's only supposed to be for the arms (to pull apart), but I wanted to use it for the leg-arm 'cause my other one wasn't handy.... and it snapped back up when I pulled to high and my hand punched my face - REALLY HARD right under my eye. Luckily, I don't bruise easily so it's just red and splotchy now.
Another not-so-bright idea was when I went to Japanese class in scrubby clothes lol 'cause we were just watching Howl's Moving Castle (interesting movie) and I thought I'd be going right home after (was originally planning to go to Metro, but decided to go downtown the next day instead). But after class, my friends and I hung out so hah. We sang 1 hr of karaoke at K-Mix and ate siu yeh in Richmond and then went for BBT (photohunttt) on Granville (pssh so much for discipline...). Ah I love my Japanese class. You know, last term, I went through weeks of skipping every class (I know.. bad thing), except for Japanese. I never skipped a class of Japanese 'cause I loved it so much. Too bad my grades didn't really show it...

Speaking of Japanese, I finally remembered to get my weekly dose of Tokyo Street Style! I can't believe I haven't kept up in so long (over 3 months)... and it's on my Bookmark Toolbar too.
Anyway, I usually never seen very pretty Japanese girls on this site until the 4th week of Feb:
And this guy just reminds me of Willy Wonka.
I like her coat.I saved this one from almost a year ago. I love it though. Great layering and the colours make it look complete and interesting. This outfit has a depth... that I'm lacking. I'd totally wear this (minus the white bag).
Today won't be eventful... I'm going to the library later today w/ D. Maybe I can find some Japanese tapes to listen to...
I gotta prepare my 5 minute (used to be 10 minutes!!) memorized oral for Friday, find an interesting English essay topic and write a proposal for Thurs, read 2 articles for Geo, read 2 English articles for Tuesday, book hotel and airfare for LA, work on my final draft for Op-Ed, and really get crackin' on planning the exchange (talk w/ student advisor). Oh and plus, I gotta book appt for manicure + facial soon. Very do-able.

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