Monday, March 3, 2008

One For the Money, Two For The Shoes

Before, when it was 11PM, I'd be like "OK, almost time for bed".
Now, it's like "11? Good - I have another 3 hours to do my work before bed".
Oh how times have changed.

I don't love the colour, but I love this dress! Especially the bottom of it! If they made it in a cobalt blue or a nicer shade of purple, I'm sure it'd fly off the racks. If it was made in a very VERY light gray, I'd buy.
This Diane Von Furstenberg Tupai Chiffon Wrap Dress [$375] has the same bottom. Thanks to LookBook, I found a pair of Aldo shoes I actually like! But, after looking on the site, the material looks like it'd break on me... and plus it's $100. I can get cuter shoes for less than that.
Found a new StyleDiary-ist! Jader. Another great figure.
I'm very jealous she can pull off these high waisted shorts! I wouldn't do high-waisted pants, but these shorts are SO adorable! I'd love to find a pair. When it's out of style in a couple years, I can just wear it as regular shorts w/ a long shirt over it! Good investment.
This just looks good.
Cute dress. She's so lucky she lives in the Philippines so it's warmer more often than here so she can wear these all the time
This looks a bit too Urban Behavior-ish, but it's a nice colour on her. Plus, love her sandals.
What a nice dress! She wore it to a wedding I think.
Off to finish my Op-Ed!! ALMOST THERE! 1 more day left!!!

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