Thursday, November 15, 2007

On The 40th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

OPI Nail Polish [$10]
This one is:

Make “space” for this pale gold touch of starshine.

I've been looking for a neutral nail polish with finely milled gold glimmer in it.
Here's another one I like that's similar: Canberra’t Without You

haha tadaa! I was thinking of something inexpensive to post as part of my 43 days of Xmas.
I don't really have a nice nail polish collection... and would really like to start one. Apparently you're supposed to dispose of your nail polish after 1 year but I don't follow it. The bottle isn't even half empty by the time a year is up! I did get my mom to throw out some 10+year old nail polish a few years ago though b/c they were all clumpy and drying up haha.. butchea - if the nail polish is over $4, I'd want it to be in classic colours - ones that I can wear every day that can easily transition to glammy parties and whatnot (haha not like I go to many of those). I do like red and bold colours, but they just look ugly on my nails. I think it's 'cause I have so much nail surface and I keep my nails long - bold nail polish just doesn't look cute on me.
OPI seems like a good brand. It's always winning awards in magazines like Allure.
From my experience so far, Cover Girl + Wet 'n Wild really suck. Revlon is ih - turns thicker over time.
Sally Hansen is pretty good. TheFaceShop is good enough.

I just remembered I bought Vincci shoes! I don't know why it matters... I was just reminded 'cause I just saw a picture of someone wearing almost the same ones. Daisuki desu! They're very comfortable for heels... I bought them in Malaysia. It's a trendy Malaysian chain store that's a branch off of the Padini company (that sells clothes). That's their typical store layout (left). It's clean, nicely lit and open and their shoes are laid out plainly, but in a way that's easy to browse through. A lot of their shoes that are normally found in the back room are piled along the walls. They also sell handbags, jewelry (I bought I necklace I can't find anymore), watches, and sunglasses. The staff provide decent service - speak English quite well and can be pretty amiable. Their shoes are approx $15-20CDN each. Our tour guide, Marcus, told us that Vincci is a really popular store in Malaysia and that women buy many pairs of shoes at a time b/c they last long (I think) and they're super cheap. I don't think he said anything about quality (though you'd think "lasting long" is related to quality and durability...) or comfortability though. It probably depends on the shoe. You can find some that are made with a leather sole. I just read a couple complaints online that their shoes fell apart after a couple wears. I've worn mine a couple times and it hasn't gone wonky yet (and you know I never treat my things as nicely as I should)... Anyway, I liked so many pairs of shoes there but hardly any of them went up to my size (8.5)! How sad. B was in shoe heaven though haha -- Next time you go to Malaysia, I do recommend this store - just be careful on the quality!

Anyway, I just came back from dinner/bubble tea at GoGo Tea Cafe in Richmond with Loveboat Buddies: Steven, Bern, and Katrina and Steven's gf, Karen. Great time -- we heard that their waitresses dress up (they were in school girl outfits) and after 9PM on weekends, they change into Geishas or something. Too bad it wasn't a weekend but they did change outfits I think. I didn't take a picture of the waitresses, but here's a few from tonight (sry bad quality.. from cellphone)
They did well for ambiance:
Steven and our drinks:
Reminiscing Taiwan - had to have the classic ghetto noodles. They also gave me a mini asian jello slurpy thingy I remember from when I was 7 - I didn't see it - it's hiding behind my bowl.(L-R) Katrina, Me, Bern =D
(I look as white as my milk tea! Poor summer tan is completely gone now)
Steven + Karen =D
More ambiance - it was 9PM on a Thursday night. It's really not as empty as I'm making it look. Bet it's packed on the weekends.

Super Short Review (SSR)
Staff were pleasant enough - cute uniform. Ambiance, like I mentioned and as you can see, is nice and streamlined. Food: (is their chef a smoker or something?) salty but tasty. Drink: Nicely presented - I had the GoGo Milk Tea which was Taiwanese milk tea with grass jelly (ew I usually don't like grass jelly but it was good in this) and whipped cream on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Price: sort of pricey (my milk tea was $4.50) but I guess they have to pay for their costume changes somehow haha. Washrooms: not so clean... but semi-modern. Generally: 8.5/10. I'd go again. I gave them a bonus 'cause they played good Asian music haha (JJ Lin!! Lee Hom!!)
They have a fish tank.
Check out their funky site:

Grr this took so long to type out b/c Mozilla kept on crashing on me and I kept on losing all my info... and plus I'm finishing my lab write-out.

OH and here:
Club Monaco 30% off - Friends and Family Shopping Event: Thurs, Nov 15th to Sunday, Nov 18!!
Click and Print away! (Darn.. I'm too poor)

"Sleep well",

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