Friday, November 16, 2007

On the 39th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A handmade Christmas tree ornament made with love.

Today after school, I went to the Emily Carr Art Show w/ Nad -- I didn't expect the art to be so pricey (some were over $1000!). They had mainly wall art arranged by price:
Everything was made by the students, I believe. If I were to buy something, it'd be this Jewelry Moose Frame (metal) for... over $45:
So cute! You can hang your jewelry on the antlers and display it!
I also saw a
ooo gangsta. It's got a red band.........
Then we walked around Emily Carr - I saw the design lounge Nad helped decorate//browsed through the typical Granville Island style shops. They had their Xmas lights out and this one store had 3 Xmas trees in it!
This display made me feel like it's December already.
Granville Island just needs some snow on the ground and a hot chocolate/apple cider vendor and I'm totally in the Xmas spirit!
What? Forever 21 has a new Couture Line now called Twelve by Twelve (LA).
Interesting. The styles are definitely couture, but I guess I expected much better quality than the disposable stuff Forever 21 churns out (don't get me wrong! I still love Forever 21). Prices are still decent. They don't have very many pieces in their collection so here's a taste of the ones that caught my eye:

Dandy Sweater Dress [$39]

Again - high collar = sophistication. It's cable knit and has a dainty black tie around the middle and ties near the neck too for subtle detail. Perfect for people with great shoulders and/or no excess arm fat. Darn I can't wear it. (Why are the mannequins in that pose?)

Satin Portrait Jacket w/ Belt: Vintage Couture [$69]
Ooo glammyish. I like this a lot but it looks soooo cheaply made (when you zoom in the detail). Plus, I think I'm too young to wear it. It'd be perfect for someone 25yrs old + IMO... and even 50 year olds! They'd be so stylish. I love the cut - flattering. I'd wear it w/ a black pencil skirt or dark slim fit jeans. Sort of wish the belt was a different colour but it could work.

Tartan Riding Coat: The Royals [$69]

I think it's cute how only 1 button is exposed. It has a snap button closure. I consider it more of a coat-dress than a coat. You can wear it w/ leggings and boots and tadaaaa

Swing Trench with Pleated Hem: Vintage Couture [$69]Definitely a different-looking coat. Looks good on the mannequin, but can't imagine it looking too flattering on most people. It has a trench/babydoll/swinger/moomoo feel to it.

Yea I'm disappointed in their couture line. I much prefer Forever 21's Heritage 1981 line (newly designed site).... they have a whale sweater!!
I keeed I keeeed... though that whale sweater is looking cuter and cuter every time I look at it.

I'm catching up on last week's Gossip Girl ep (8). Rufus is so good looking for a 35+ guy... and he got a haircut.

Here's a few pictures of Go Ara (1990-er Korean SM model/actress) because I think she looks so much better now...... after she got her ear surgery to pin back her ears.. and straightened her teeth... but she still looks very natural.
She was born with grayish green eyes but she's 100% Korean.
Yea she looks soo much better than before.
I mean, c'mon.


Nat said...

nooo problem. fun goign around granville island.. coz i never do.

wat the hell.. getting surgery to have your ears pinned back?!?! YEESH. unless they were PERPENDICULAR to her head............................ =_=

that whale sweater is cute in an art school vintage style. nothing else :P
i dont even recognize that store... paper ya? rhino store???

N said...

think of a monkey... that's how her ears were - quite bad.

it's paper ya!! haha

N said...
Go Ara pre-surgery