Saturday, November 17, 2007

On the 38th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

Who likes being able to spot their luggage from far away on the airport carousel? I do! (Instant relief! I know my suitcase made it!)
Who likes being able to easily recognize your friends pulling their luggage among the throng of people trying to catch their flight? I do!
Who doesn't like people mistaking your luggage as their own? I do!
Well, if you and your friends all have unique luggage like the following, there'll never be a problem again!

Heys just came out with patterned xcases (the two on the left below).. actually those are the only 2 I'd use. The others are all exotic animal prints. The one on the right is the original xcase.
I think that if you are picking a colour for an accessory, it should be something fun like that red xcase! Suitcases aren't glued to you all day and almost anything is nicer than the typical black one.
They also came out with a Designer Disney Collection for kids!
But if you're a family, you probably need large luggage... or even more than one. How cute is it to have a matching set? This FlyLite2 set [$319.97] is made out of polycarbonate composite (same material used to make bulletproof glass) so it's super light, flexible (especially under stress), and durable.

Hello Kitty 3-piece Suitcase Set in Pink Bubblegum (also available in Silver and Red)
[approx $1,500USD]
Kathy Van Zeeland 29" Expandable Luggage [$250]
You can't really see it, but those are crowns.
Also available in black and white
Hideo Wakamatsu Blossom Trolley (right)
[$250 CDN]

Young and pretty.. but I wouldn't want it going through the luggage system.
or Copper Ridge Trolley (left) [$250 CDN]
A more practical choice. Fantastic red.

Oooor a Samsonite Suitcase!!!! [$219USD]

Except they're not fun... just gorgeous.

As much as I like the look of hard case luggage, I think soft-cases are more practical because they usually have pockets on the outside and it's easier to stuff that last bag you bought in it (they're usually more easily expandable). It's hard to find good looking luggage that's not cheaply made though. B and I both bought new huuuuge suitcases in Hong Kong for a very reasonable price. Actually mine looks veeeeeery similar to the Samsonite one above. I bought a hardcase b/c all our other suitcases were soft canvas-style. It's the most up-to-date because it rolls on 4 wheels like the Hideo Wakamatsu Blossom Trolley so it's really easy to push around. It's not so cute though - it's just a dull metallic gray with baby blue insides.
I really love the look of those vintage large-briefcase style suitcases you can put all those travel stickers on but they're really not very practical.
When you think of designer luggage, what's the first brand you think of? I think classic LV.
Hmm I think there's something wrong
with me. I have never been a fan of Louis Vuitton's whole monogram line (especially their colourful one) until recently. I thought it was very show-offy.. but now it's fine. Well I still really don't like their Multicolore collection, but I'm liking their original, vintage line and engraved patent line. Even in HK, I really liked this LV thin, white patent, zippered wallet/clutch (right). I think LV does have a lot of nice, quality products.. but it's just that some styles (like the Speedy) are waaaay overdone by everyone. Fake and real. I do like LV's blue/gray and white checkered pattern.. but only in super small products like a change purse. It's too bad that all their small leather goods are so much more expensive relative to their giant bags. Anyway, if I were to buy anything from LV in the future, it'd be their small goods like a chage purse or a zippy wallet like the one above... unless they happen to come out with a new style. In any case, I'll never turn out like Miss Kimberly Stewart.

Anyway, there are TONS of other patterns, brands, and styles of suitcases out there, but I just don't have time to find them right now.
I'd also like nice/fun/cute luggage tags!
Fluff Desserts Luggage Tags [$16]

And passport holders/covers! lol what a useless accessory.. just fun. I still want a cute Hello Kitty one...
Why would I want to keep my passport all nice anyway - my picture is horrible haha

Here's So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD) - Korean singers at the Mkmf 2007 Awards last night.
If I had to pick one, I'd choose the middle-girl's dress with the gold waist belt. I love it.
Which one would you choose?

So cute - they're all wearing some shade of white! It makes me want to host an all-white party!! haha I got the idea from White Chicks.

HAPPY 20TH JAMIE!! Hope you had a non-school related day! haha


Nat said...

3rd girl from left.. w/ black belt.. and if it was a lil shorter. she looks prety tall.. so on me.. it'd be wayyyy too long and make me look short :(

N said...

haha seems like everybody is picking that one so far. It is pretty classic. Actually those girls aren't that tall. The tallest is 170cm = 5'6.