Sunday, November 18, 2007

On The 37th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

A Monokuro Steep Cup [$18.99]Cool I can read the Jap for this - if you're wondering what that mini white thing is in the middle on the right, it says "sutoreenaa" which, when said quickly, sounds a lot like strainer. It's where you put your tea leaves.
I drink enough tea to use this a lot. I can't decide which one I like more - black or white.

What is Monokuro Boo? (info from wiki... but some person with poor grammar wrote it so I fixed it up the 1st part a bit... I thought Wikipedia edited their info?)

Monokuro Boo is a fresh and simple monochrome character. It's chic and its simple designs of black and white are well accepted by various consumers. "Monokuro Boo" is a simple character that can make us feel so relaxed when we see it.
"Monokuro Boo" is not only cute, but also considered lucky because in Europe, "pig" is a kind of lucky charm, so if we have a "Monokuro Boo" item, we will be happy!
"Boo" "Love?" "Enjoy?" "Happy!", maybe Monokuro Boo is telling us some messages. So many things could happen in our lives, but sometimes if we can stop and think in a more simple way, it will help.

The concept of Monokuro Boo:
When this character was first created, the name was not "Monokuro Boo", it was "Monotone". "Mono" means black and white and "ton" means pig. When the designer created this "Monotone", at the same time she got an idea of a "White and Black pig character". And she spent long time to discuss with San-X about this new character at the meeting and finally "Monokuro Boo" became the name of this character. In the present time, people tend to love colorful goods. So she thinks that if she can create a mono tone color character it was going to be fun and it would be a cool character! And also she thinks that maybe even male would like this character as well.
GUH. I think my writing will get 3x worse after reading that.

Here are some other Monokuro Boo cups that are pretty cute... they could be couple cups haha how Asian... like couple shirts.. if the guy is feminine enough.. or doesn't care what he drinks out of.

[$11.99]I also think their mini thermos is cute [a little under $40CDN] Monokuro Boo store in Japan (Harajuku district)!!!! So sad! It's been replaced with the Paul Frank monkey store. Stupid monkey. I don't like him even more.

I think after I get my cup/thermos, I'd be pretty much set with Monokuro Boo stuff. I have their pencil, eraser, keychain, cellphone charm (had), and 2 mini notebooks... but you never know. I'm easily influenced for certain things when I'm in another country for a long time haha - I almost wanted to buy some Hello Kitty things in Hong Kong... and I was always more of a Pochacco girl. Hmm interesting.. now that I think about it, I don't remember seeing a single Pochacco thing during my Asia trip! Is it totally out of style now? Who knew Sanrio characters could go out of style... yep. There's only 1 page worth of Pochacco items on Ebay and over 4 for Monokuro Boo.

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