Sunday, November 18, 2007

On The 36th Day Of Xmas I Hope My True Love Gets For Me:

Oops... hmm I published this after 12AM (Monday) but it still says it's Sunday.
Sony MDRXD300 Studio Monitor Series Headphones [$79.99]Experience excellent listening comfort with the stylish MDRXD300 Studio Monitor Series Headphones. Dynamically tuned to provide movie quality sounds, these headphones will provide you with deep bass audio for a great listening experience. Tailor the headband to fit you comfortably. Features include high-energy Neodymium Magnets, a 2.5m extension cord, and a convenient Sound Mode switch to match the sound source. Listen in style and comfort with the MDRXD300 Studio Monitor Series Headphones.

This guy is a definite GG. You thought he was a girl at first glance too, didn'tcha? He's wearing headphones.

Oh nooo... that Trench Coat I loved so much from YesStyle is not available anymore! I wanted to get it once they came out with the long coat I was looking for so I could get free shipping. Darn.
A few new things from YesStyle:
I think that coat/sweater in thick sweatshirt material looks cute on the girl but it'd probably look like a cow on me.
This next one might look a bit like Mickey Mouse skirt-style because it 's red and has buttons like Mickey (it's a jumper style with thick suspender-type straps) but if it's worn w/ the cropped blazer, the Mouseyness of it is hidden.It's very similar to this girl's outfit I saw on Wardrobe Remix:
This coat is nice but I don't like the material much... it looks fine from far away. I like the funnel neck and the length and finish of the sleeves.I saw this (Korean?) girl last year wearing something very similar.. and I loved it! This is the Korean coat I'm looking for.. xept this one isn't perfect. I consider it Korean b/c of the fur line that runs down the length of the coat. I want one that's detachable though. (Gosh what's w/ me & fur? I was against it in the past).
This picture was taken from Feetman Seoul (Korean blog that concentrates on Korean street fashion - more specifically, shoes). I like the cut and colour of this dress. I think it'd look nicer on a lankier person, though. This lady is pretty - I love her outfit. You can't see the skirt but it's shaped like a tulip. I think the blouse is very Korean upper-class ajumma-style.Paris Hilton got a Pom in Korea and named it Kimchi. Cute dog, name stealer... haha j/k! If I were to get a dog, I'd get a Pom I think... but I'd rather have a ferret.
I'm strangely extremely awake -- it's 2AM and I'm going through my Jap te-form flashcards I made. I can't seem to remember all those verbs that start with tsu.... I get them all mixed up!


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Anonymous said...

wat's with the comment above! spam...

i do love those headphones! i'm looking for a pair too.. just..been hoping they're less than 40 :(

ahh.. after school is over.. i will shop yesstyle and see wat i want.. lol. im getting addicted to online shopping :D .... >_<