Sunday, November 11, 2007


Random Adorations from Forever21

Satin Smocked Shirt [$19.80]
This can look expensive depending on who wears it.
Nice detail with the delicate rhinestone buttons. I like that sort of collar - I call it aristocratic haha -- it's best for people with long necks... not really me. It'd be a lot nicer if the sleeves, empire waist, and collar were tailored instead of that stretchy material.

Viva Tunic [$32.80]

So glammy!! I love this - it reminds me of the gold outfit Serena wore in Gossip Girl on a date with Lonely Boy. Wear by itself or with leggings and heels.
Only for ladies under 23.

Phoenix Slim Jean [$24.80]
Okkk so I know I already have 3 pairs of skinnies... but I love them - they go with everything and they make any leg look longer and slimmer.
[[great purchase for short people!]]

Fleur Di Lis Necklace [$7.80]
Pendant drops are so classy

Pointelle Sweater [$24]
From Forever 21's Heritage 1981 Collection
Such a cute cropped cardi with diff coloured buttons. Also comes in gray!
Perfect over a light dress for a summer garden party!!
Speaking of garden parties... I LOVE them! In the future I want to host garden parties in my backyard Oprah style hahaha.

I love thinking about the future (tomorrow's post topic).
What I did today: Woke up at 11:30/got Melanie to go for a walk with me -- ended up being a run/walk 'cause we picked up Diana's 2 dogs and ran around Clinton Park with them/they came over for dimsum/Ugly Betty/B came over/They Wii'd while I showered/Coffee w/ Artemis/I did no work today =(

I found this site a few weeks ago called Wardrobe Remix on Flickr. It's neat 'cause people upload their own outfits on here and some elements of their outfits can be very inspirational. Tired of seeing outfits looking great on the models but way less-than-attractive on you? Well there are tons of real people here and quite a few of them look great! They also tell you where they got each piece!

This girl has an amazing collection of photos. You should definitely check it out! She seems like a neat girl. I looove how she wears her clothes! I think she's a stylist. She's a great photographer IMO.
"Sleep well",

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Nat said...

wah! jeans for only 24.80............. sigh. next trip to states shall include alderwood!
i wana go again :P